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3 1833 01412 1732 







IlleiJiiiitcd from the New England Historical \no Genealogical lUaisxiiu 
for April, July, and October, l'.)lG] 


I 9 I 6 



'I'lic following getioalogy of the dosceiuhints of Jolni^ PcUi.son of 
Dii\i>uiy, Mass., has been conipileil from tlu; vital itroitls of laiuur- 
ous towns and from ciiurch, cemclcr}', prol>at(', and laJid rt'<,'oiil.s. 
PrivatL* memoranda have also heen coii^^ulU'd, inchuliii^^ liihlc recoiils. 
All facts given are from authoritati\e buurces, and t>t;iLemenls about 
whieli any doubt exists are in(lic;:tid. 

The early generations of this l^uxbmy family are si-antily ie(.'ordetl, 
and in attempting to arrange them correctly the writer lias used his 
best judgment, considering carefully all available (;vidcncc in trying 
to identify such stra}' families as appear. Fortunately the majority 
of the descendants of John^ Peterson have thciir lineage peiiectly 
verified, most of those lines whose descent is a matlei' of conjecture 
having become extinct or liaving nsmoved to places imknoun io the 
writer. The later generations descended from l{eui)eii"' Peterson (J2j 
are fully recorded in the Duxbury town records, which are authority 
for them. For records from various cemeteries, churches, and 
Bibles the waiter is indebted to Mrs. Sidney Peterson of Duxbury, 
who has devoted much time and study to insure their accura* y. 

All the descendants of John' Peterson are descended also fru!ii 
Cu'orge Soule of the Maijjhnvcr, anil succeetling gencratit/iis have 
married very generally into families. Such descents have 
biHMi pointed out when known to the writer, although no sj.u'cial 
attemi)t has been made to trace them all. 

Besides the family of John^ Peterson of Duxbury there wen." 
certainly two other Peterson families in New Enghmd, evidently of 
u later innuigration and probably not related to each other or to the 
Duxbury family. One of these families appears in Phode island 
about 1725; and the other was .settleil at Newbury, Mass., where the 
niarri;ige of Dr. Daniel PetcMson of Salem and Flisabi^th Willet is 
rec<jrded under date (jf 23 Jan. 17P.J/2(), and the births of their 
children from 1720 to 17."i5 are found. Some memlxHS of this family 
removed to New Hampshire and mingled with some of the Duxbury 
family, and therefore the identilication of the New Hampshire 
Petersons is a ditlicult matter. 

1. Joiix' Peterson, au early settler in Du.xbury,* married, before 
IGG'), Mauv Soule, born before KJo'J, d..ughter of Oeorg(> (who c:'.me 
in the Mmjjlower in 1020) and xMary of Duxbury. He died between 
2U Apr. 1718 (the date of his will) and 2G Mar. 1720 (the date of the 

• .\ll placfis mentioned in this article are situated within the prnscnt limits of the 
Stato uf Mas.s:icli',isjtts, unlcs finuthur Slate or region is indicated in the text or iii\xy 
bo eodiiy inferred from the context. 

f It"*' 

.'If i 

iiivoiitory of his estate), and was piobably huiied on his faim in 
Duxldiry, perhaps at tiie spot wlieie in nn-ent excavating :in aniicnt 
hurial place has been cliscovered. His farm was on I'owder Point, 
and was puichased (jf his fathi'r-in-hiw, (jcorge Sonle, who in a dcptj^i- 
tioii dated 27 Oct. 1G7 1 staled tliat it liad been his hoin(st(vui farm. 
This larm, on wiiich botii (Seorge tSonlc; and Jolni I'eUMSon in turn 
lived, remained in the possession of th(;ir descenchmts ;dniost U) the 
present (hiy; for altlK)Ufj;h the mule hue of ch'scendants of Isaac- 
Peterson, in which his father, John' Peterson, evidently intended the 
farm to remain (his will statinj^; tliat it should descend to Die jiude 
heirs of Isaac), faiietl innnediately, tlie ownersliip of the hind lias until 
very recently remained in the line descended from Isaac's daughter, 
Priscilla Weston.* 

C'hildren, born probably at Duxbury (order of births 

uncertain) : 

i. JouN,^ d. unm. in 1090 (Plymouth Prohato Records). 

2. ii. .lusia-ii, called "eldest " in his father's will, b. before 1C70. 

3. iii. liKNJAMiN, h. ubt. IGO'J. 

iv. Maktua, living unm. in 1718. 
•i. V. Jonathan. 

vi. DAvn), b. in 1G7G; d , jirobably unm.. 30 Sept. 17G0, a^cd 81 year.s 
wanting 1 day. 'I'lic will of l)avi(( Peterson of " Duxbormndi," 
yeoman, datrd IG July 17G() and provi'd 2 .Mar. 1701, contains tin! 
follcnvnig beijuest.s: To "my si.-iter HcbcL'ea Weston over and 
above what .^he hath hail hirctofore three Dollars." To "Han- 
nah Soiilc one dollar." 'i\) " Hehei'ca Soule one dollar." To 
" Priscilla ^\'eston the wifi; of Elii)has Wi-ston one ilollar." To 
"Faith Drew the wif(; of Samuel Drew one dollar." To "my 
Ivinsman Jonathan I'eterson tliirteen shillings and four pi-nce 
Lawfull money." 'I'o "Jad Peterson Two dollars." To ".John 
Petersdii one dollar." ^Vo "Jonathan Peterson Jun^ one " 
'l\) "Tinner Peti'r-^on two dollars and one sterling shilling." i'o 
" my Kinsman David PeterM)n son to ye abough named Jonathan 
Peterson my right in a cmlar swanij) lying in Pembrook and my 
Guns ami beds, and furniture Belonging to them and ni}' wearing 
close and llou.sehold stuf and all my bond.s bils and notes and 
money In line all my real and personal estate." " l^astly . . . 
my Ivinsman Jonathan Peterson shall be soul executor." Vu this 
will David Peterson maile his mark. The were 
Weston, Peres llowland, and IClnathan Weston. (Plymouth 
Probate Itecords, vol. Hi, j). 45.) The testator certainly had 
neither wife nor children living when this will was made. He 
probably lived with the family vi his d(;eeased brother Jonathan, 
aiul to them he left the nujst of his estate. 
5. vii. Isaac. 

viii. Maky, m. JosEi'ii^ SouLt: (John,- Cieorge'). 

ix. Kiaux'CA, m. at Duxbury, 1 Oct. 1717, as his second wife, John 
Wk.ston of Duxbury. 

2. JosETii^ Peteuson (Juftn^), born, probal)ly at Duxbury, before 
1(370, died in 1751. He married at Plymouth, 23 Aug. 17U1, 
Sak.mi (Jo.\es) Doty, born 12 Sept. 1071, daughter of Joseph 
and Patience (Little) Jones anil widow of John Doty, who had 
married her 22 Nov. UiU-l and had died 8 May 1701. ll(!r 
mother. Patience Little, was daughter of Thomas and Anna 

• .\t the division of tho estate of I.saac' Peti-Tdon in 1712. his only son Daniel being 
already dead and liuviug left only two daunliliir.'j, l.saac's brother Ju3ci>h, tho eltleut 
burviviny nun i/f Jolin,' beeinne Is.-iuc'a uoM male heir; but Joseyh yuilclanncd liia 
rights iu tho land to Isaac's dau^htera. 

i; '>■■ 

(Warren) Littlo and ti;ran(l(l;uiji,liti>r of l^ich:u\l Wnrrcn of llie 
Mdijjlmccr. Hit uncle, John J()ni's,nu'ntions in hisuiU lii.s niece 
SSai'uh Peterson. .losepli Petersen resided in North l)ii\l»ury, 
on South Kiver, luljoining JVIar.-hlieltl, on a l)0-acre farm, 
which h(! conv('>'i'd to his son Josc|)h in ITlVJ. 

('liikhen (order of birtiis uncertain): 
i. SAK\if,'l)!ii) 1730 (MarslidcMchun-h records); prnhahly tlu>S:ir(ih 
I'derrioii who iii. :it I'ciuhrokc, 18 Nov. 17;U, Wii.i.iAM M \' 1' ah- 
i.A.NO of IViiibroki', uiul d. :it Duxljiiry 15 Mar. 178l>, u;.,i.'l 7'J. 
(i. ii. Josia'ii, b. ut Diixhury; hupt. ill 1730 (i6.). 

3. Benjamin- Peterson (Jufm^), born, probably at Duxbury, 
about 1GG9, died 11 Feb. 17G0, aged 90 years, 5 months, and 
was burietl in the Standish Cemetery, wliich was near liis 
farm, lie married, U FcIk Ki'.KS/l), IIanxaii Wai).sWoi;tii, 
dau^^liter of Dea. John and Al)igail (Anchews) of Duxbury. 
She died "th(^ ni^iit following; the" (i Feb. 17:52/3. Of liieir 
ciiilih'en as given below^ only tiie lust and third are recorded 
as such; but the others must be of this family, for tlie families 
of the other bn)thers are accounted for. 

ChiKlren, probal)ly all born at Duxi>ury: 
i. Miatev,' b. in Oct. KW'J; d. ut Duxbury 27 Dec. 1708, ased GO 

ye;ir.s, 2 (or 3) inoiilh.s; in. ut Duxbury, 18 Muy 17'J1, Jo^ucH 

Wi;.sTUN of Duxbury. 
ii. Aiui.Aii,, III. ut Duxbury, 25 Sept. 1721), Auhaham I'ieuce, Jic, of 


7. iii. Jacou, b. 22 Feb. 1710/11. 

8. iv. Isaac. 

9. V. Ul.njamin, b. abt. 1717. 

vi. .An.m., m. ut Duxbury, 7 .\i)r. 1735, Nathaniel Ddnuam of I'lyin- 

-1. Jonathan- Peterson (John^), born probably at Duxbury, died 
in 171."). He married, after 23 .\pr. 1700, Fydia WAUswojrrJi, 
d;iughter of Dea, Jolm and Abigail (Antlrews) of Duxbury 
and sister of his brother Pjcnjamiii's wife. She died 2() iMay 
17.')l), agixl 77 years, 3 nujnths, 3 days, and was buried in the 
Old Cemetery (the Standish Cemetery) on Centre Street, 
South Duxbury. She was born, therefore, 13 Feb. 1G78/*J. 
After his marriage Jonathan Peterson lived at West Duxbury 
and at Pembroke. In 1732 he conveyed his Duxbury farm 
to his sons Jonathan and Reuben and his Peml>roke lands to 
his son John, 

Childi-eii, born at Duxbury (town record.s):* 

10. i. Joii.v,^ b. 22 .\u^. 1701. 

ii. lloi'LvriLL, b. 20 Jan. 1703/1; m. Josui'a Dki.ano, b. ut Du.xbury 
30 Oel. 1700, .s. of llbeuezer uiid Martha (^riuitiionsj. 

11. iii. JoN.U'HAN, b. 20 .Sept. 170G. 

12. iv. llKuncN, b. 8 .\pr. 1710. 

V. .Viiri:, probubly the Alice who m. at Duxbury, 5 May 1727, .Vaxon 
•Soci.i;, Ju., of Pembroke, and d. .'-oou al'tiTward.s. 

vi. Lyoia, l>. abt. 1713; d. at l'einljn»ke 11 Nov. 1771, ajjcd 58 years, 
months, 11) days; ni. at I'rmbrokt', 2tt Drc. 1733, .\au(i.\ tSoiii k, 
Ju., of lVml)roke, \\lu> d. at iVinbroke 21 Jan. 1783, u};<d 77 
year.s, 1 month, formerly husband of her sister Alice. 'I'hey Lad 

• All tLcsu children except .Mice arc mentioned ia tho will of their fatLer. 

■J !>:•■'; :I 

5. [sAAc- Peterson (JoJin^), bt)ni probably on the ancestral farm* 

;it Diixbury, tlicd on the s.une farm in 1710. Jio married at 
Hinij;ii;im, 10 ^Sept. 1712, Mahy IhiiiAur of Hinj^ham, born 
about 1080, (HihI at Dnxbury ."i Apr. 17():5, in lu-r 71lh year 
(}!,ravcstonct in OKI C'cinctcry, South Dnxbury), dauj^hter of 
Daniel of Hin,i!;liam. In the division of hi.s estate in 1712 it 
is recordeil that he; had no niaK' heirs, and his family is given 
as tiiree daughters and two j;;randdaughter.s (the latter the 
children of his son Daniel, deceased). 

Children, Ijorn at Duxbur^': 
i. I'rtiscii i.A.s b. in 1713; d. at Duxlnjry 22 Sept. 1778, aROci 64, 
9 niniith^, 12 {la3'.s; m. in 173S Im.ii-haz Wk.sto.n (JoJin,^ lOdininul,* 
Kcinuui'l'}, who was ihdwiicd in iJiixlauy lia}' IS iMar. 17ti2, in 
liiti 5;5ii year, a dcsccnclant of Julm AUlfu uf the Mai/Jluurr. 
They luul i.s.-ur. 

ii. DAfv'ua., of KiiiL>;sti)n, <l. l)t'foro his father; m. Dkuouah , wlio 

d. at Hanover 2 Jan. IT'.K), a;!:od 80. Cliildren, I), at l\in;:-,lon: 
1. Mary,* h. 1(5 Jan. 17;58/'.t; d. mini, ut Hanover 1 July (or 'J 

Jinic) 1817. 2. OrjtlidK, h. in .Apr. ; ni. at Hanover, 2.'J Jan. 

17GU, Lieut. Kli.sha of H.anover. 
iii. Faith, ni. at Duxhury, 17 Dec. 17-1(>, Sa.mi;ki. 1)iu;\v. 
iv. Jakl, d. at Bridfiowater 17 Deo. 17S1; ni. (1), a.-< hi.s second wife, 
Timothy Havwahu of Bridgewater, b. at Ikidf^ewater 2 May 
1700, d. th(Te 5 Juno 1750, aged 50 year.s, 3 days {.-acl, s. of Na- 
thaniel and l-lizabetli; m. (2) at Hridj^ewater, 11) .Aj.r. 17aS, as his 
Bceond wife, Cmt. Skth* Ai.den, 1). at Bndgewaler (i July 1710, 
d. there G Sept. 17S1, in lii.-, 75lh year, .s. of J(..sipli' (.Jo.scph,* 
Joluj' of the M<uijlju>r) ami Hannali (Dunham). Cluidrcii by 
first husband, b. or bapt. at Brid^;ewaler: 1. J'^zra, b. *.• .Ai)r. 173'j; 
d. 27 Dec. 17-10. 2. Danid, bant. 10 Nov. 1710. 3. Ahral.utn, 
b. 22 Oct. 1712; d. 27 Oct. 1717. 4. Li/dia, b. '.) .S.-[.t. 1741; d. 
4 Oct. 1747. 5. haac, h. 21 Nov. 1740; d. lU Oct. 1747. G. 
Ezra (probably poslhuinoud), bapt. 30 June 1751. *J 

6. JosEi'ii' Peterson (Ju^cph,"^ John^), born at Duxbury, and 

baptized in 1730 (Alarshheld church records), died al Dux- 
bury in 1770. He married at Hridgewater, 10 Nov. 1742, 
Lydia Howell of IJridgewater, wiio died at Duxbury 22 June 
1800, in her 86th year (gravestone in Dingle}' C'enu.'tery, 
North Duxbury). He lived on his father's farm in Duxbury. 
When his estate was divided in 1818, his daughter Lyilia w.i.s 
the only one of his children who was living; but his daughters 
v.-lio had nuirried and were then deceased were named a.s 

CUiildren, born at Duxbury (all except Lydia enteretl in 
town records) : 

i. Mauy,^ b. 22 Ai)r. 1743; d. in 1809; m. at Duxbury, 8 Oct. 17G7, 
Zai>o<k* W kston (Benjamin,^ hldinund,^ iMltnuiid'). 

ii. Sauah, b. 1.') JiUK 1744; d. at Duxbury 1 An^i.. 1810; ni. at Duxbury, 
24 June 1702, C"oi;.\ia.u s Dia.A.No, b. at Duxbury 10 Od, J 7 12, 
d. there 24 Apr. 1801, in his GOlh year, a. of Amaziah and Itutb 

* For the descent of this farm rule supra, p. 2, with footnote. 
t TIk- ^'ravl stone civis, as ilw d:ite of lur dcatli, T2 Mnr. ITiiA, "Old Stile." 
t Timolliy, boil of U'iinolhy Hayward, was lja[)ti/.cd at Uridt;i;\vaU.T L'.'{ .A[)r. 17I52, 
and 10htMU!7.(.T, Bon of Timothy lluywunl, was ijai)tized tlicro 17 M-ir. I7:y.i/i: but it in 
not cU-nr wlidthi-r tlx-y wm' cliiMrcii of Tuiiotliy ijy his .-, -Cfjod wife, Ju(!l (I'i'ter.ii)rO, 
or by his first wife, Widow Mary Kecd, wh jui lie manicd ut Bridaowator 12 Nov. 1730 
and tbo rocord of whoso dcutli lius not Lcuu fouud. 

13. iii. AiiUAHAM, b. Sept. ITif). 

iv. Susanna, b. 22 Jan. 1710/7; d. in ISIO; m. at Diixlmry, 8 (ht. 
1707, Cii'.usuoM Jm\i:i.i., Jii., of SiiUi;iti.-, uliu d. at Scilualu 

1 M:ir. lfS2l, :x-^vd 7ii. 
11. V. JosKi'ii, b. 1 I'Vl). 171',) /oO. 

vi. liVDiA, living unni. in 1.S18. 

7. Jacou^ Petku.son {Ijciijtunut,- Julm^), of Duxbm-y, l>uin ut 

lJu.\l)iny 22 Feb. 171U/11, d'wA 27 Jan. 1761. llo inanird ;it 
J)ii(l;4c\v;iler, 19 Aui;-. 1735, i\r.\UY H.vklow, born about 1717, 
dicnl ;it Duxbuiy 20 Oct. 1777, in her tilst year, tluu^lilcr of 
William. In 1778 Jacob Pc^teison coiivcycd his real cstalc to 
hi.s {^ramlson Benjamin. In his will, dated lU Mar. 177.S, ho 
mcntion.s j^rand.son Bunjamin and ^rainldaughter.s Sarah, wife 
of IJenjamin Smith, and Hannah Teter-son. 
15. i. Bhnjamin,* b. at Duxl^urj- 4 Mar. 173S/'J (town rc-conl.i). 

8. Isaac' Peterson (IknjaNun,^ Johu^)', born probaljly at Dux- 

bury, was doubtless the Isaac I'eter.son wlio died at Scituate 
in 1785 and whose estate was administei'e.l by Jesse ('urtis.* 
He married first, 11 Feb. 1731/5, Lydia Dkijw, dau;j,hter of 
Samuel and Uuth (Delano) and a d(.>seendant of John AKlen 
of the Mayflower; and secondl}'' (ijrol)ably), at Abinji;U)iJ, 
29 Dec. 17G8 (bein^ styled of Seituate), Hannah C'ouiiii.ll of 
Abin^ton. He resided ut I*embn;ke and presumably also at 
Hanover and Seituate. 

Children by first wife, all except Hannah reeorde-d at 
i. Aluk,« b. 7 Mar. 17:35/6; m. at I'cn.brokc, 19 Mar. 17G1, Danucl 

TkAGUE of IhuiDVlT. 

ii. Rmii, b. 11 IVii. 1737/8; pcTliajhs tlic. liutli who in. at .Sridiale, 

2 Mar. 178U, 10iu;.nkzi:u l{ia.(Ui;u of .SfituaU;. 

iii. Di:U()UAh, b. 20 Feb. 17;W/I0; ni. ut IVuibroke, 8 Aj.r. 1702, 

David Fu.sTiat of Hanover, 
iv. LviJiA, b. IS Scj.t. 17 H. 
V. Hannah (probably dau. of Lsaac), m. 27 July 1706 Jiissii Cuirri.s 

of Hanover, who adminibtured Isaac IVtcnson's cbtate. 

9. Bkx.iamin' Peterson (Benjamin,- Johii^), born, probably ;it 

Duxbury, about 1717, dietl at ( 'laremont, N. H., 19 May ISOO, 
lifted 83 years. He married at Bridgewater, 19 Nov. i7-ll 
(being then styled of Easton), Ha.vnah Peuuy of Bridjie- 
water, born 23 Apr. 1723, died at Clareinont 5 July 1783. 
Ho is probably the Benjamin Peterson who was at C 'lare- 
mont in 1790, with a family consisting of one female (U. 8. 
Census). The names of his children, except Benjamin, are 
found in a of title in the Plymouth registry of diuMls, 
dated 1799, wherein the chiUlren name<l below, except B(!n- 
jamin, state that they are "heirs of land which fell to our 
mother Hannah Peterson, ahas Perry, by will of J'^phriam 

i. Bk.njami.n,* b. at Easton G Doc. 1712; evidently dead in 1799. 
ii. Maiicv, b. at Ea.ston 3 Nov. 1714; of Clarcmonl, N. 11., iu 1799. 

• The probate recorda do not uame the heirs of the estate. 

iii. IIannam, of Clarcinoiit, N. 11,, in 17'.)'.); m. IJaciiei.ou. 

iv. Am ASA, of ('laniMonl, N. II., in 17(H). 

V. .Jo-sHi'ii, of C'laiviiioiit, N. II., in 17'.)'.). 

VI. Ki'iiUAiM, (if ("lari'iiioiit, .\. II., in 17'J(), the bond of a faiiiil}- con- 

.•ii.stiii;; of two iiialr:, uir1<i 1(3 ycar.s of a^'c ami four iVuialt-s (V. S. 

(Vn.Mi.s); of Woaiiicr.-^licld, Vt", in 17'J'J; in. Anna . Cliij- 

tlrcn: 1. Unmtuh /-"..'(l -JS Aijf^. 181)0 [.vn;], a^i-tl 17 years, 2 niontli.s, 
2r» (lay.-i; hiir. at ('laniiionl. 2. Uunniili, d 2S Ann- ISO'), af^rd 
1 year, 2 nioutli.s, •_'.'} days; bur. at ClarcMiiont. :{. Mun/ Am., 
il. 1 May lb22, u-td 12 ycaia; bur. ut Clureniout. I'roljahly 

10. Joiix' Peteiiso.x (Joridthan,^ John^), born ut Duxljury 22 Awj,. 
1701, dieil after ITti.'). lie iiiarricd, 21 Aii^. 172(), Kirni' 
Dklano, born at Diixbiiry 2o May 1707, livinj^ in 17r,(), 
daughter of Jo)iathan^ rriionias,'^ Pliilip') and Hannah (Doty) 
and a descendant of John Alden and Edward Doty of the 
'• iMuyJlowt-r. From deccLs it is known that John l'et(;r.son livcil 

'' at various times at Du.xbury, IMi(ldleborouji;h, IVmbroke, and 

Rochester, Mass., and tdso at Kichmond and Scituate, K. I. 
In 175G, ut Uiclnnond, R. I., he sokl liis Peinl)ioke kinds, and 
in 17G5, at Scituate, R. I., he conveyed kind to his .son Sil- 
vanus, the deed furnishing- tlie only positive rec(jrd of any of 
his chiklren. It is, however, beyond (k)ubt that the ret(;r.son 
marriages reconkid at MidtUeborough were those of his 
chiklren, for his family was the only Petenson fatnily resident 
there ut that time; and the same applies to the Peter.son 
marriages recorded ut Kichmond and Scituate, R. I., and at 
Rochester. k\ntherniore, there is no po.ssible pkice elscwliere 
for these chiklren. 

Children,* pro!)ably all born ut Middleborough: 
16. i. Su.VANU.s,* 1). in 1727 (dati' computed frcnn t;rave>tone uL Colrain). 
ii. Hoi'E, III. al Rocheiiter, 17 June 1748, Nkiiic.miau Ramjai.i.. 
iii. LusA, probably m. (intention recorded ut lioclie.ster, 12 June 17 IS) 

Pelec; li.vniAWAY of I'rec^town. 
iv. Hannah, m. (intention recorded at Rochester, 17 Nov. 1751) 

Thomas Vauciin of Middleboroutjh. 
V. Co.vTKNT, m. al Richmond, R. I., 27 Oct. 1757, Jamka Bas.s. 
vi. Lydia, m. ut South Kin^'.Mown. R. I., 20 Dec. 1757 (return of 

ria>;e made to MidilleborounK), Peteu* Renneit (Teter,^ I'l'ter,* 

vii. Zn.i'UA in. 13 Dec. 1757 Isaac' Bennett (Isaac,' Teler,'' Julin'j of 

viii. Natuan, mentioned at Richmond, R. I., with family, in the Ceii- 

8U.S of 1774 and in that of 1790. 
ix. IciiAbou, III. ut Hoclie.ster, 13 .\pr. 1758 (l)einK then of Rirhinoiui, 

R. 1.), Sakaii Ci.akk; in 171)0 a resident of Richmond, R. 1., with 

family, and in 1813 u re.-idcnt of ('auaan, N. V. 
X. Patience, m. ut .Scituate, R. I., 27 Uct. 17G4, Natuan* Bennett 

(Isaac,' Peter,'^ John'), 
xi. Lemiel, III. at Scituate, R. I., 12 Jan. 1707, DoitCAS Youn(;; in 

1813 a resident of Canaan, N. Y. 

• In corroboration of tlic theory that llic children named hero were brothers and 
sisters and were childr»-ii of J«hn and Hutli (Dvlam.) IVter.son. it may l.e noted tli.-it 
Lydia, Zilidm, uiid Rlioda \V(.ti' r<-.--idi,iit.s of I'.lliain, tliul the- aoiu aurvivinK jjraiidrhilil 
of llhoda Kdsoii tcstitiud that her ^;raIldlllutll.J^ was one of a lar^e imniKer «f ai.ntors, aiKjth.T Kraiiditaii-^litLT left a iia inMiandum atatiiiK that Ulioda'a iiiolli-.r was a 
D';lano, and that the nniiuuTied bi.-.ter, Itnlli, lived with llu- iiitHher of tin; writer of 
tbi» lueiiioraiidaui. l-urlLenuore, Rhoda Ldauu Lad u sou named Delano Kdaou. 

xii. UiioDA, ni. rit rdliaiii, 3 Dec. 1772, AuiKZiou EusoM, Ju., of MiiUlli- 

xiii. ill Til, living num. in ISOO. 

11. J(J\ Allt.W^ PlOTEUriUN (JoNittluiii.- Jolili^), hol'Il ;il nu\lilll-y 

■Ji) Sept. J 701), dicnl tluiri' 5 May 17(i,>, ai^Hl ")S yrais, 7 luoiillis, 
and was laii'u'd in the uld Slaiidi.-li iHiiial <!;i()und. He iiiar- 
lii'd at ruinl)roke, 21 June 1711, .Jakl ])iLLi\(iii\M ui' rcni- 
broke, daughter of John and .Jael (Turner). In his will ho 
inentions liLs wife Jael and (•hilch'eii as ji;iveu Ix low, and als(j 
an unhorn child, who, if Ikmu alive, has not 3'eL l)een identiiied. 
In a deed of 15 Jan. 1771) Jael, his widow, is staled (>[' I i rook- 
field, Mass., the town in which iier son Turner lived. 

(Children, born at Duxlairy (town, church, and cemetery 
records) : 

17. i. John/ b. 3 .Ian. 17 1-1/5. 

IS. ii. JoN.vniAN, b. 12 Mar. 174G/7. 

iii. Daviu, b. in 171U/50; d. 27 Aug. 1751, aged 1 year, 7 moutlis, 17 

iv. Li'itAMA, bai)t. in May 175;i; coininitU'd suicidf at Uuxlmry " 9- 
11" Mar. 17'Jl; ni. at Du\lnny, 20 Apr. 1773, Oii.vui.l.s Uii>i:i( of 
V. 1)a\iu, of Dii.\l)Ury, bajit. 21 July 17.j7; probably d. unin.; i\ 
holditr of tlir Rivolution, atlainiiig the rank of lii.-utC'nanL and of 
captain licut( nani , 
I'.i. vi. Tuu.NKk, ha|)t. 13 July 17G(). 

12. UiuiHKN^ PiOTEiisoN {J uiiaUuin,^ John^), of Duxhury, born at 

Du.xbury 8 Apr. 1710, dieil there I Nov, 179"), in iiis Sbth 
year. Ho niarricil (irst, at Duxbury, July I7;i2, Ui;iuaca 
Simmons of I")uxl)ury, bornat Duxbury 7 Apr. 1711^, died there 
25 Jan. 1701, aged 50 years, !) months, daughter of Josi^ph and 
AFary (Weston) and fourth in dc'seent from John Alden of the 
.Mfijljloivcr; and sec-ondly l"]LiZAUi:rii Wiii'i rio.Muui:, who died 
2;-{ j'uly ISOG, in her S;5(i year. 

Children by hrst wife, born at Duxbury: 

20. i. la.iJ.Mi,' b. 12 Mar. 1732/3. 

ii. M.\i(V, li. 21 Oct. 1731; d. unin. ut Duxbury 25 June 1772, aired 
abt. 3S. 

21. iii. Ni:in:Mi\n, b. 2'.) .Inly 173(1. 

iv. AiU(;.\ii,, b. Hi May 173'J; ni. at i)uxl)ury, 11 I'd). 1705, Zi;\ah 

Tii(;.\tAS of Marshiiild. 
V. Sauaii, b. 30 Due. 171(J; in. ut Duxiiury, 3 Di.c. 17lj7, Ti.Moriiy 

vi. LvDiA, It. 14 Nov. 1712; d. iinm. 30 Mar. 1S30. 

22. vii. 'riiAi)i)i;u6, b. Mar. 1711/5. 

23. viii. Li riiKK, b. 8 A|)r. 17 Hi. 

21. ix. itiJiuK.N, b. 10 Ai)r. 17l'J; bapt. 11 May i7l'J. 
25. X. Joshua, b. 20 .\ul'. 1751. 
20. xi. Sa.mukl, b. abt. 1753. 

xii. Klukcca, in. at Duxiiury, 11 June 17S3, Hltiickl rACKAi.D of 

Hridgcwater, b. at Hridgi\v;itcr 20 Mar. 1700, .4. of 'riniotliy and 

iSaiaii; removed to Va.s.~>alburoujili, Me. 

* .\hiozer I'd.-son, Jr., w.i.s a cou.-4iii of I'i'Ii.t,* Isn.i''.* and Natlmii* Uomn-tt, lii.< 
niolli'T. Jai'l' H. iiiutl, liaviiin Imcn a daa/lit' r ni IN t. r' H.iui.ll. lie ami lin l5L-mii-ll 
cousiiii WTO di^-^i-'Mi'li-d iriKii .\I.iylli.\vi,-r ancviiuid tliruu 'li llii- wife of I'ctct' Buuijctt, 
who wjLi i'ridcilla iiuwluud, dauiililor o( Idaac aud Eli^abuUi CV'augha). 

Chiklivii by second wifo: 

'27. xiii. TiiO-MAs Wiirrn;.\i()Ui:, b. iil Duxliiiry, 21 Mar. 1700. 
-.S. xiv. \\'ii,i.i.\M, h. ;iht. 17GJs. 

lo. AiJiJAiiAM^ Pktkhson Uti.-icph,'-^ Jnsci)h,' Joh/i^), lK)ni;it Duxl.ury 
(3 Sopt. ITif), uiod i)Hoie 1818. He inaniod at M.-irshllold, 
.'{ Mar. 17G8, rATiKMK Bakkk of ^Nfar-idield. Ihj \\a> a 
Kovolutioiiaiy .-oldicr. In ITS') lit; sold lii.s Duxhnry lanii, 
and appears in the Census oi 17'J0 as a rcsidiMit of W'inlhiup, 
M(\, liis family consisting of two nial(\s of Ki years and up- 
wards, tliree males under 10 years, and six fcmalos. Two of 
liis sons are given as heads of families in tliis census. 

i. AiiiiAH.\M,' lic:ul of a f:iiiiily at ^\■iIltll^(ll), Mc, in 1790. 
ii. (/AKN.VL.vs, licad (if a faiiiilj' at \\ iiitiuci]), Mi'., in I7',)0. 
iii. S.vit.Mi, h. in 1777; tl. 7 .luiu- 1^07; in. at l)uxl)ur3-, I'J May ls()2, 

Svi.VANDs'' \Vkstc)N (ZalKlii'l,* Joa<,'|)li,' iMnatliaii,- Kdiiiuml'), 

wliu (1. at Diixlniry 'J8 May 183U, ancil 00. 
Othi'is, '.viiose iiaiuod have not bcun fijund. 

14. Joseph^ Petkkson {Joseplt,^ Joseph,^ Juhn^), of Duxbury, l>orn 

at Duxltury 1 Fel). 17l<) oO, died there in 177t). He married 
at Duxbury, 4 Apr. 177;^, Rkhix'Ca Delano, born at Dux- 
bury () Dee. 17.");i, died there 17 July 1811, aged 87 years. 
months, daughter of Lemuel and Lydia (iiartlett). He wa.s 
a Hevolutionar}^ soldier. 

Cliildren, l)orn at Duxljury: '' 

i. Ei.izauktu,'' b. abt. 177-1; d. 22 July IS.j.'J, ao. 79; m. at Duxbury, 
in Dec. 17'JO,;rii \\ ADswouTii.carpontcr, b. in 1774, d. at Dux- 
bury 3 Nov. IS If), at^cd 71 yeaij;, 5 munlhd, 7 days, 3. of Jot^i jth 
aiul Anna (Dicw). 
29. ii. Danikl, b. IJ Oct. 1775. 

15. Ben.iamin^ Peter.son {Jacuh,^ Benjamin,- John^), born at Dux- 

bury 4 Mar. 1738/9, was lost at sea in 1705. He married at 
])ux])ury, 22 June 1758, I^etiiia Cusuing, born about \7 i'S, 
who probably married secondly, at l^uxbury, 18 Api*. 1709, 
Joseph Prior, and died at l)uxi)ury 14 Oct. 1801, in her 59th 

Children, born at Duxbiny: 

i. Sauau,* b. 10 Ai)r. 17r)9; d. at Duxbury 11 Jan. 1S05; tn. Benja- 
min SMrni, b. abt. 17r)5, d. at. l)uxl)ury 5 l'\b. 1S3I, aged 76. 
'I'liey had is.suc. 

ii. Hannah, b. 2 J;m. 1701; m. at Duxbury, Ii Nov. 1778, Lkvi Ding- 
M.v, b. at Duxliuiy 18 t)ct. 1750, s. of Jacol) and Susannuh 
(Fuller). Tlicy had i.ssut'. 
30. iii. Benjamin, b. 10 July 1703. 

10. Sylvanus* Petehson (John,^ Jonathan,^ John^), born, prol>ably 
at Middleborough, in 1727, die<l at Colrain 14 Nov. 1804. He 
married first (intention recortled at Rochester, 10 Jan. 175;i) 
Sauaii PniLLirs of " ('dochester;" and secondly, before 17t)S, 
when her name api)ears in deeds, Mauy — — . He re.->ided 
at Middleborough and Pembroke, and removed to Colrain in 


17S5. lie pmlialily hail a \iv:^c family, IniL the luuiiCT of uiily 
two rioiiis aw positively known. 
C'lnldrcn l>y first wife: 

31. i. Jonathan," b. 20 M:ir. 17.">l (family record). 

ii. Svi.vA.NTs, i). ;it Mi'lillcljnri.U'^!i ill I7t).'{; pi rlrips in. Kiioda , 

wiio^-L' iKuiK! :ii)i)c:ir.s v.ilii lii.- la (('ilaiii i(y;il I'.ipcr.s. Hi' \vu.-- a 
lUvolutioiKiry fo!ilii.'r. lie rcniuve'l to rsi(.'liol.-5oa, l*a., wlicrc iu 
ISiiG lie tU'jiosi'il ;il)oiit iiis iiiiliiary M-rviir.s, stntiii}!; that hr \\a.i 
born in Mi<l(U.-l)orou;jli in 1703. Tlio nu-onl Au>\\h lliat lii.i 
l)rotli(r Juiiallum ol' (Jolrain, ac. S2, tostilicil in lii.-j bi'haif. 

iii. Jacoh (pcrluip.-, s. of .SylvaniH), m. at IViabroke, 2 Mar. 17d.i, 
liETSKY TuKNir.j of Pimbroko, h. at I'tMnhroUo 25 R-b. 17()2. tl. 
there 27 Nov. ISo.'?, ancd 71 years, month.s, 3 ilayd. He \v:i.s :i 
llevohitionary soldier. 

17. JoiiN^ Peteiison {JonatJian,^ Jonathanr John^), horn at Dti\- 
l.uiy 3 Jan. 17i4/5, tlieJ at Newport, K. I., in lS2;->. He 
marri-etl at Duxbury, 'AO Se|)t. 17G5, S.vr.mi Hkavitt of Marsh- 
field. He was a IteA'oliitionary soldier. In 1781 he removed 
to Brunswick, Me., where the Censu.s of 1700 jiivi's him as the 
head of a family of twenty-five \slc] males of Hi years and 
npwartls, four males under 10 years, and five females. In 
llrunswiek he was a storekeeper, a miller, and a leailin.:^ eitizen. 
In 1798 he was at Bath, I\Io., where he was interested in ^^hip- 
huildin^. He wa.s liimself a shii)master, and also owiuul t^Miie 
200 acres of land in Bath. Finallv he went to Newport, R. i. 
(See Reed's History o( Bath.) 

Children, the finst ei':!;ht born at Duxbury and the others at 
Brunswick, Me.: 
i. JoiiN,^ b. 30 July 1707. 

ii. Lkvi, b. 7 Nov. 171)0; m. Rked, dan. of Col. John of 

Toushain, Mo. Hewa.s a .shipniitster and .sliipi)i:ilder of Hath, iind 
i.s (l<s<Ti!)cd a.s " a ii-an oi' noble bi arni^ and a llinaili .s in tizc :.nd 
striii^ith." He \veiu,h« d lUU pounds. He had i.^sne. 

iii. Jamks, b. 30 Dec. 1771; ni. Ji;nm;t . Child: 1. ncuilL' h. 

29 Dec. 17!>!). 
iv. Na.ncv, 1). 20 Mar. 177-1. 
V. Chaui.i::-, b. 20 .Aii^^. 177(). 
vi. llewrrr, b. Iii .Sef)t. 1778. 
vii. Hauaii, b. 20 Jan. 17.S1. 
viii. Daniiil, b. 2S Oct. 1783. 

ix. AiiicAiL, b. 17 Scjjt. 178(;; m. Stkwaht. 

.\. W 11,1.1AM, b. 1 Mar. 17SD. 
,\i. Lucv, b. 27 Apr. 17'Jl. 

!"!>. Jonathan^ Peterson (Jonathan,^ Jonnihaii,^ Jnhn^), of Dux- 
bury, born at Diixbmy 12 Mar. 1710/7, died there 15 July 
1813, a«^ed GO. He married at Duxliury, 8 July 1771 [sic];- 
Lucy Hunt. He serveil in the Revolution. 

C'hildren, born at Duxbury: 
i. LrcY,' b. 13 June 1771. 
ii. Lewis, b. 18 Apr. 177J; at fica; m. at Duxbury, 30 Mar. ISOl, 

Sali.y Fulleu. 
iii. Weituea, b. 10 Au«;. 1775; m. ut Du.>;bury, in Nov. 1801, Jo.-iiua 

Moody of Bath, Mc;. 

32. iv. Geoi{oe, b. 5 July 1778. 

• .Vccording to the church records they were oinrriod 23 Apr. 1771. 


V. Oi.ivK, b. IC Oct. 17S1; in. at Duxbuiy, in Oct. 1SU5, Henjamin 

vi. Sai.i.y, l). ;{ Nov. ITSt. 
vii. Il.vNNAii, \). 16 Fcl). 171K). 
viii. Natmaniei., h. 27 Aug. 17'.)G. 

10. TritxHn' Pltehson iJo/ialh(ui,^ JonaOian,- John^), haplizcd :it 
Duxbury 13 July ITIJO, wa.s liviiij^ al Haiatuga, N. Y., in July 
1S;12, as i.s i)iuvc-<l \<y liis appliiatioii for a poubioii. Hi' 
maiiii'd al HixiokiicUl, 20 Api'. 1781,* iMannim;. Hi.' 
was a Uevolulioiiary .-x^iilitr. lie iciuuvihI fnnii Duxbuiy t(i 
lirooklicld, and in IT'JO was a ifsuh.'nt al Lebanon, N. 11., as 
I he Census shows. 

Children, all recorded at Lebanon, N. IL, but the first five 
born at Brooklield: 

i. TuuNiai,^ b. 29 Mat. 17S0.t 

ii. Ai.ANDint, 1). !S Sept. 17SI. 

iii., b. I'J Apr. 17S3. 

iv. Bin^iEY, b. 1 July 17Sa. 

V. Ski.a, b. 11 Feb. 17S7. 

vi. Nancy, b. 26 Apr. 17'.t2. 

vii. Sally, b. 2S Feb. 1791. 

20. Ki.i.i.vii* Pkteuson {luuhen,^ Jonnthan,- John^), of Duxbury, 

l)oni at Duxbury 12 Mar. 1732/^^, died 11 Feb. 1.S20. He 
married, 24 Get. ITlio, Ahigail W'lim k.moiik of INfarshruld. 
He was a Revolutionary Sijldier. 
Children, born at Duxbury: 
33. i. Jaukz,^' b. 22 Oct. 1700. 

31. ii. JUDAH. 

iii. Bktsky, b. 22 Jan. 1770; d. in Feb. 1804; m. (1) at Duxbury, 
29 Sept. 1791, Gait. DAsn.L Fn;KCE of IVnibmke; ni. (2) at 
Pembroke, 13 Feb. ISOl, Jo.smua Ma(!()Ii.n. 

iv. Joel, b. abt. 1777; d. 19 Nov. 1S.J0, atred 79; ni. (1) at Pembroke, 
13 Mar. 1803, Sarah I\1ai;ou.m, who d. 2 Apr. 1835, aged o3; 
m. (2) Joanna Mokto.n, who d. 22 Fel). 1875, a^eil 75 yeaih, 4 
inontlis, dau. of l>r. iNathaniel and Joaiuia.i Joel and Sarah are 
burieil in tlie PlainviUe (.'eineti'ry, Mar^ldiehl. CiiiKl by vsife: 
1. .StZ/'inu," tiurvive<l her fatlier; m. at Kin!^>lon, 7 Apr. 1831, 
Pele}; Ford of Hodlon, h. at Uu\i)ury 10 Jan. 1805, d. of Fli.-^hu 
and Lj'diu ('turner), who ni. (2) .Mana liiehinond. 

V. Reuukn, m. 20 Apr. 1812 Maky Winii;, dau. of Henjamin of 
Hanover. Children: 1. Loru/;/,' b. at Pembroke 20 .\i)r. 181 1; 
m. Jane Sherman. 2. Levis, m. Charlotte Mauler. 
35. vi. WiiirrKMouK, b. 13 Apr. 1781. 

vii. Packahd, farmer, b. abt. 1787; d. 10 May 1843, aged 50; m. . 

21. Nehemiah^ PEXKUbON {licubcn,^ Jonathan;- Jolin^), of Duxbury, 

born at Duxbury 2'J July 17o0, died 23 Jan. 1811. J He 
married at Duxbury, 13 D"ec. 17G4, Dillingii.\m of 
Pembroke, who dieil (date not given), aged 75. He was a 
Pvevolutionary soldier. 

Children, born at Duxbury: 

3G. i. Nehe.miah,' b. in 1705. 

ii. Pekez, drowned "to the nortiirivcr Bridg" 2 Nov. 1815 (Pembroke 
Vital Records); m. Betsey . Children: 1. /,« b. 

• This (Lite is given in the Vital Hecord-i uf Brooklield, hut il is probahiy incorrect, 
t iii.iciiptiiin on Mort(jii nionviinent at lliilif.ix. 

i \ Bible record reads: ••Jaiiye2U, 1811 being 71 yra — 5 mos — 2:<J dayaoa babhath 
Day at 5 O'Clock iu ye morning.". 


ISAuft. 179J. 2. I\rcz,h. 1 1 Avi^. 17')0. in. lit 1S'J3 Samh 11. 

Morton; ihcir dan. 8;uah d. 8 Die. ISIJ, ac. 17. 

iii. LvDi.v, in. Kdiikcdmiii:. 

iv. Mauv, in. at Dii.\l)iiry, 2i) Oct. ISOI, .Stki-hk.n' (aiuHciiii.i-. 

V. l'i;i.\c-i;s.s, in. at Dnxhnry, I'J N(iV. iSOO, Joshua Hkva.nt of 

vi. I'-i.i.^iiA, I), in 1780; JrowneJ 15 -Vuj;. 17t)b, uf^cd ISytar.s, •! uiunlhs, 

•JO ilays. 

37. vii. EjiAiAS, b. 12 Doc. 17S2. 

22.'T. 'rii.vDDEUb' PF.TIMJSON (Rcuhcu,^ Juttatliun,- J^)hit}), oi 

Diixljuiy, lioni at Duxbury 9 Alar. 174-l/o, iliiil 2"; or 27 .inly 
ISJ.'j, a;i;c'(l 81. llr nianicd Ann.\ ^V.\Ds\voK^ll, l)ai)li/.i'il at 
l)uxl)ury lU OoL 17-18, ilunl G ()t:i. 1818, a.m-d 7(>, daughter oC 
Iclialjod, Jr., aiul Ainia (lluiil). lie was a licvdlutidiiaiy 

Cliiklreu, born at Duxlmry: 
i. Ski. AH,'' b. 22 Feb. 177 1; m. at Duxbury, in June 1793, Jaulz 


ii. Li'Ki;, b. in 177.'{; d. 30 Si{)t. 177S, aged 5 joars, o months. 

38. iii. I'uHuiaacK, b. 25 XJcx. 1775. 
iv. IcHAHou, d. 8 .■\i)r. 1778. 

V. Anni;, b. 20 Jan. 1780; d. 22 July 1831, n^icil 51 yi-ar.s, G niontli.s, 
2 days; m. at l)u.\bury, 23 Feb. ISOl, ('n.\i{i,r,s Chanuleh, wlio 
d. 27 -Mar. 181 1, a^od 38 ycar.s, 10 uiontlu-i, 15 days^.* 

vi. IniAKun Wau.swokth, b. 11 May 1782; dii-d yoiitig. 

vii. llKia.ccA, b. 22 July 1781; d. uii/n. 2() .Apr. 1858. 

viii. Mauy, b. 23 July 1787; d. unni. 1 .Mar. 1872. 

ix. SoriiiA, b. 10 Auj^. 1790; in. at I'Linbroki.', 12 iMar. 1811, Benjamin 

liKAHCE, Ju. 

23. LuTiiEU* PETEKbON (Rcuhcn,^ Jonathan,^ JoJin^), of r)uxbury, 

born al Diixbiuy 8 Apy. 17 H), dietl 1 Apr. 1822, ti^cd 7(i years 

"wantinj;" 19 <lays. Jit; niarricil al Duxbury, 2'.) Nov. i;8',), 

Piii.sciLL.\ CiiU'.MAN, born at Kiii<j;stoii 25 July 1701, daughli-r 

of Px.'ujauiin and Ilannali (Wad.swortl)), 
('hil(b-('n, born at Duxljury: 

i. lU.N.VAU W.,Mj. 8 Feb. 171*1; livin;.^ unin. in IS 13. 

ii. liiaa-AU, b. 23 Jan. 1793; ni. ZAriiAia.'.u Tiiu.mah. 

iii. JuuiTii, b. 4 Aug. 1795; in. (I) at Duxbury, 23 Dec. 1S21, Jun.v 
Kandaix, w1)o d. 27 .Sept. 1823, a^i'd 28 yrar.s, nionlii.i, 1.5 
day;-.; ni. (2) at Diixburv, 30 .\pr. 1832, .Si*i;t-.a:Kii Sami'.su.v, wlio 
d.'ll Fub. 1837, a-id 45Viii. (3; not later than 1813 .\mo.- Siii.u- 
MAN of MarshficM. 

iv. Ai.VAH, b. 12 June 1797; in. 1 June 1823 (beini^ tlien of ('(jluniiiia, 
Ml!.) JoAN.N'A \Vii.i.iAMS(j.s' of Mardlifieid (Kiii^ston Vital Iteconls). 

39. V. Mahshai.l, b. 23 Mar. 1800. 

vi. Laiiha, b. 28 Nov. 1802; in. iit Duxbury, 20 Xov. 1825, Teuiam 
Jjonnev oi lio.sloa. 

24. Reuben* Peterson (Reuben,^ Janathnn,'^ John^), of Duxbury, 

born at Duxbury 10 Ai)r. 1749 and bapii/.ed tlua-i; 11 May 
1749, di <1 22 May 18 If), aj^inl 90 years, I niontli, 12 d.iys. 
Ill; married Auh^mj. Suijli", born at Duxbury 2t) May l7o7, 
tlied IH Jan. 1812, a<ri'd 81 years, 7 months, 24 ilay.s, d.iu^hter 
of Samuel and Mehitable (White). He was a Kevolulionary 

• Gruvcstone record. Duxbury towu record gives 30 Mar. liill, aged 3'J. 


Children, born at. Duxlmry: 
i. Sylvia,' b. 22 Mar. 1777; d. 17 Aug. 177S, a;;(>(l 1 year, 1 nioiulia, 

20 (lays. 

40. ii. S.\ml;i;u Solm.i:, h. 15 M:ir. 1771). 

iii. Ii iiAiJuu, I). 30 Juiu! 1781 ; (L o Oct. 1805, nj^cd 21 yt';ir.s, 3 morillis, 
3 .layt'. 

iv. Aiii(;aii., b. 2() Au^^. 17S3; d. 25 Aui;. 1853; in. at Du.xbiiry, 25 June 
1S12, as liin second wile, C^.mt. J.\Mi:d ('ii.vm)LKIc, Ij. at Mal•.^l^- 
lii'ld 18 A|)r. 1778, d. 12 Apr. IS 15, aj^i'd GU ycaid, 11 nionlh.i, 

21 duy.H, s. (if 'I'lmniar) and lUiuda. 

41. V. Thomas, b. 7 Apr. 17.S('). 

42. vi. Ciiaum:.s, b. 11 Nov. 1788. 
4'). vii. IJKimKK, b. 1 Mar. 17U1. 
41. viii. Clakk, b. 4 (M. 17i)3. 

i.\., b. 19 Jan. 17'J7; d. 31 May 1803; ni., i)robabIy Hl;t. 1833, 


X. Lucy, b. 1 May 170'.); d. 27 Aug. 1S75; ni. 9 Fcl). 1S23 Ki'Iiualm 
BuAiM'OUU, b. in 1785. 

25. Joshua'' Petkh.son {Rciibtn,^ JonatJian,- .lohn^), of Duxbuiy, 
born at Duxbury 20 Aui;. 17.J1, died 11 or 12 Dec. 18;>5. Ho 
married at Duxbury, 17 Feb. 1780, Svlvi.v Soulk, Itorn at 
Duxbury' 20 ATay 1750, died :-J0 or 31 Jan. 1S27, apul 07 'years, 
8 months, 11 days, dauj^hter of Samuel and INIehitable 
C-liildren, born at Dux])ury. 

i, Mf.iutabli;,' b. in Dec. 1780 and bnpt. 17 Aug. 1782; d. II Apr. 
1830, a;^cti 49 years, 4 niontli.s, 11 day.s; in. at Duxbury, S IJlc. 
179S, Jo.sL\.u Tuo.MAS, wlio d. 11 or 14 Sept. 1819, uged 74 ycard, 
15 days, a. ul" I'clcg. 
ii. Sylvia, b. 14 June 17b4, d. unni. 10 or 18 Aug. 1830. 
45. iii. Jo.SHUA, b. IS Aug. 17St). 
40. iv. Jamks, b. 2 Sept. 1792 [sir, ? 1791). 

V. Jou.N' (perhaps s. of Josliua), b. 1 Apr. 1793; d. 14 May 1823. 
47. vi. Oeohge, b. in Nov. 1790. 

vii. SoriiiA, m. at Du.xbury, 20 Aug. 1825, Capt. BR.\DronD SAMr30>f, 
Jr., b. at Du.xbury 24 Sept. 1798 or 1799, d. 30 Nov. 1832, a. of 
Bradford and Rebecca (Weston). 

2G. Samuel* Peterson {Reuben,^ Jonathan,- John^), of Duxbiuy, 
Pembroke, and Marshfield, born at Duxbury about 17.^j, 
died in 1837. He married at Pembroke, C July 1780, Lvoi.v 
4S. i. Samukl,' b. nt Pembroke in Oct. 1783. 
49. ii. Skth, b. 21 Apr. 1783. 

27. Thomas Whittemoue'' Peteuson {Reuben,^ Jonathan,- John^), of 
Duxbury, was born at Duxbury 21 Mar. 1700, and his (.'.state 
was divided in 1811. He married first, in Ai)r. 1795, Su- 
sanna Clear, who died 10 Dec. 1798, a^ed 30 years, 24 d;iys; 
and secondly, at Pembroke, 11 Mar. 1802, L^dia Foud, born 
at Duxbury 2 Feb. 1783, (Ued 18 Mar. 1800. 

Child by wife, born at Duxbury: 
i. Susanna,' d. 7 Feb. 1799, aged 10 weeks, 2 days. 

Cliildren by .second wife, born at Duxbury: 
ii. TucMAS, of Duxbury, carpenter, b. 29 Jan. 1803; m. at KinRfton, 
iu 1825 (intention 20 Fob. 1825), Mauy Waklfilld Sami'.son, b. 

ftt Kinpston 27 Apr. 1S02, dau. ui CoiiHtant and Rol)r>c(!i. Cliil- 
<lrru, I), at. l)uxl)iuy: 1. Marij '/'.,' I). 21 Sept. IS'J.'j; in. (in- 
ti'iitiun ncordiil at I'ciii'Drola', -1 Sipt. 1812) .Viloiiirain J. Fi.-iii. 
2. J.ydia J., I). 2'} Mav 1S27; pn.ljablv iii. i;{ F.i,. IMS David 
liaviiioiul (Al.iii-lou \'ital Ricurds). ;{. Juiu \V.,h. 11 (ur 10) 
I'll). is:2t). -1. Kluabilli 11'., 1). 21 Jan. IS.'H; in. u M,,i-. I^.j! 
Thoinas AldcMi. 5. CaroUne M ., b. 10 Sfpt. Us iJ. il. .ly/i,/!,/ 
yi/t((/s, b. 27 May IS.'M; in. 10 May INJl Kzra 1m:>Ii. 7. Conshint 
,S<uiip.-io/t, 1). 1 Apr. ]S;5i). S. .l/i/(f ir., Ij. 12 Au^^ ISiJS. \). Julia, 
h. \) 0(;t. ISll; d. 11 Aug. Ibl2. 10. Abi(i<ul F. ((ir 7'.), b. 12 
Sept. IS 13. 

50. iii. SiKi'HKN, I.. 7 Mar. IMla. 

iv. Si s.vN.N'.v, I). 13 .\u;^ 1807; d. 25 .liiiic 1S85; m. Sirrn Ma(;oi;n'. 
V. John HtTi.i u, b. 1.S Jiiiiu ISU; d. 30 iJc-c. ISII ur IS12, aivd 

inoiUlis, 12 (lavs [sic\. 
vi. Sill. I.MAN, b. ]i< Oct. 1812; d. 27 Oct. 1880, a-iod (iS y.Hi-.s, 12 div^. 
vii. Mauia, b. lo Mar. 1815; in. at Du.vbiir}-, 27 Au^ 1831, Ciiajia.i; L. 

viii. .Tamks, b. 22 May 1SI7; d. 20 Mar. 1S18. 
i.\. lliKA.M, I). 15 !)>'('.. 181U; d. 23 .Jan. 1875; in. at Diixlmry, II .\pr. 

18 12, Sophia L. liosv.oitTii of Maine, b. in 1821, d. 23 Oct. 18'Ji. 

CiiildiTii: 1. .Julia} 2. Kllu. 3. Cornelia. 1. Com. 
X. Cam'.h H., b. 2G May 1S22; d. 2(3 Oct. 1811. 
xi. C!i;(Hii;i; W., b. 23 S(>pt. 1828; pri)liibly in. llAt.NAu B. , b. 

at JJuxbury. C'lnhl; 1. G' ur/c /■'.,« b. at Diixlniry J I Dec. 18J2; 

111. at Dnxlairy, IS Au>;. 1872, hi.s second cun.i^Mi oiic^' riii:o\cd, 

Kin:r.a Peterson (ti7, in), q.v., I), at Duxiniry 20 Feb. 1853, dau. 

of Liourgu 1'. and Adelnie U'eler.son). 

2S. William^ Peterson (Jicuhcn,^ Joimllian,^ Jofin^), of Duxlmry, 
boni al)uut ITOS, died 27 lu'b. ISll, n^^ed I'S. Jle iiianicd 
fust, at Duxhuiy, 10 Fuh. ISOl), Dkhuk.vii Hai-l vi New 
iMradows, Ale, wlio died 19 Di;c. 1S17; and bccomlly li.VN- 

N.Mi — , wlio died 2.') Dec. 182:). 

C'liildien by finst wife, bora al. Duxbuiy: 

i. Wii.i.iAM,' b. 21 A\m. ISOO; d. 10 Oct. 1817. 

ii. BirrsEY, b. 1 Nov. 1801; d. unin. 5 Oct. IS'JI. 

iii. Di.iiouAii IIai.l, b. 1 Mar. 1S03; in. (D at Dnxbury, 22 June 1823, 

ber first coii.-^in, CiKoudi': l'i;ri:Ksu.\ (17), 7. v., who d. 1 Is27; 

111. (2) at Duxbury, 11 Feb. I82'.t, Jami;.s liA.VDAi.i.. Tun cliil Ircu 

bv liU'-l)and (see -17). (hildreii by second liu.-band, \). at 

I'uxbury: 3. Wtllium, b. 2 Aug. 1830. 1. Maiij J., b. 2 Feb. 

1S32; 111. at Duxbiny, 17 Fi.-b. IS Iii, IJenjainin F. HoliiiH. 5. 

Laura A., b. 25 Jan." 1831. (i. JiLion II., b. 22. Au;:. lS3o. 7. 

Francis J ., b. Hi June 1837 [sic\. 8. iJu^tuvus, b. 7 Jan. 1838 [^ic\; 

d. 20 Aui,'. 183'.). 
iv. Mauy (or roi.i.Y), b. IG Feb. 1S05; d. 12 Nov. 1S17. 

51. V. HuKJci.^, b. 18 Sept. 1807. 

vi. Joii.v I'akki.ic, carpenter, b. 9 Dec. 180'.); d. at Weymoutli 20 .Xia;. 
1N58; 111. at \\ I'Vinonlh, 11 Dec. 1S31, I'ii.l/, \iii:iii I', b. at 
Weymoutli 15 Jiine 181 }, dau. of ic and Klioda (Litcli(ield). 

vii. Amiikicst, b. 22 Apr. 1811; d. 3 N>,v. 1817. 

viii. Danii:l 1'., b. 8 t)ct. 18J3; d. 23 Mar. 1823. 

20. D.\.N'iEi.^ Peterson {Joseph* Joseph,^ Joseph,"^ Jolin^), of Dux- 
iniry, boniat Duxbury 9 Oct. 1775, died 28 Nov. 1SI)9. lie 
married at Duxbury, 7 Jan. 1801, IJktiii.vii Wkston, born at 
Duxbury 2 Nov. 177;i, died Fi Nov. 180(3, daughter of Micah 
and lietliiali (Uldljaiu). 


Chiklrcn, born at Duxbury: 

52. i. J)AMi;i.,«l). 7 Sept. ISUIJ. 

ii. Hannah, d. 2 Od. ISO.'), at^i-il 10 nioiitliH, 4 dnvfl. 

iii. Hannah, b. 3 I'l'b. ISOG; prrliajj.s llic llaimali l-'ftor.-(jij who m. at 

iJvixhmy, 7 Jiuu; 1S_"J, iNlason Mcljautliliii. 
iv. A.MANTHis, 1j. 10 July 1S07; d. 7 Jan. l.S<)2; in. at Dtixhiiry, 2'J Di-c. 

1S33, V\ ii.i.iAM l'iu..i(, 1). 2S iMav IS05. 
V. Jeiu'sha, b. I'J Dec. 1S(I9; il. in ISSS; in. at Duxbury, 27 July 1S28, 

as his scoDiid wife, l.ouis M. Uaii.ey. 

53. vi. GtoiuiK, b. U Feb. KS12. 

30. Benjamin* Peterson (Hctija)ni)i,* Jacub,^ Benjamin,'- John^), of 

Duxbury iuul for a while of Maine, born at Duxbury 10 July 
170:^, died 23 Apr. 182(3. lie married at Duxbury, 11 Aug. 
1783, S.VKAii Prior. 

Children, born at Duxbury: 

i. Hknuv," b. 30 C)(t. 17.S3; d. in Guadeloupe 19 May 17U0. 

ii., b. 17 Nov. 1785. 

iii. Hannah, 4 A\n. 17S8. 

iv. Louis, b. 25 July 1790. 

V. Benjamin, b. 20 Nov. 1793. 

vi. AmiCA, b. 12 Oct. 1790. 

vii. Sauau, b. 11 Oct. LSOO. 

31. Jonathan* Peterson {Sylvanus* John,^ Jonathan,- John^), of 

Colrain, born 2G Mar. 1701, died at Colrain I'J Jan. 181:;. 
He married, 10 Mar. 1771, Loi.s Sturtkvant of Miildle- 
borough, born 18 Nov. 1748, died 2 July 1842. lie removed 
fioni Middlel)oroufi;h and t;etlleel at Colrain about 178i}. He 
^\as a Revolutionary soldier. 

(yhildren, tlie first live probably born at MidtlU'b()r(jup,h: 

i. Jonathan, * b. in Dvc. 177 1; m. 31 Dec. 1807 Duuoiiiv .S.nuth. No 


ii. Maky, b. 9 Ai)r. 177(3; m. 29 Nov. 1798 Caleb Totman. 

iii. Ei.izAUKTH, b. in 1778; in. Auuaha.m Ti.sdale, Jh. 

iv. DoKCAS, b. in 1780; in. 8 Auu. 1S05 Zi;nitii Wii.i.13. 

V. A DAUGHTKu, 1). abt. 1782; ni. Joiii. (?) Lomuaku. 

vi. Phokhk CO, b. in I7S(i; in. .Sa.muei. (?) l''i>uv. 

54. vii. Sylvanus, b. 10 Mar. 1788. 

viii. Hoim;, b. in 1790; in. 28 Jan. 1813 Nathan Eix.s, bapt. at Heath 
14 June 1789, 8. of John and Lydiu. 

32. Capt. George* Peterson {Jonathan* Jonathan,^ Jonathan,'^ 

Johri^), of Duxbury, born at Duxbury 5 July 1778, died at 
Havana, Cul)a, 3 Nov. 1818. He mariietl at Duxbury, 
5 Apr. ISOl, Sally Prior, born at Duxi»ury 7 May 1779, 
died 9 Oct. 1848, aged tJ9 years, 5 months, daughter of Benja- 
min and Sarah (Soule)- 

Cliildren, born at Duxbury: 
i. Gait. GKoiKiE," b. 7 July 1801; d. 18 Nov. (or 7 Oct.) 1S28, 

a^ed 27; in. Sai.i.y . Child: 1. Surah George,^ h. at Du.\- 

bury 21 Oct. 1827. 

55. ii. Lkwis, b. 11 Apr. 1804. 

iii. AuGu.^TA, b. 15 June 1S07; m. at Duxbury, 27 Jan. 1832, Wauukn 

B. Thomas. 
iv. OriH. b. 11 Auk. 1800; d. 2 Nov. 1825. 
V. I). 5 Ant?. I>^i2; d. 7 Nov. 1843, aged 31; ni. at Duxbury, 

25 Oct. 1835, as hid second wife, John ^l. Duane. 


vi. Edwin, h. 4 Fcli. ISla; d. ut C'harlostmvn 4 Mir. ISSO, nfz;('cj (ij 
yi>ars, 1 montli; m. at Duxliwry, 3 Aiit?. ISl.}, Maiiaia A. \\ IN- 
SOH, b. at Uiixbiiiy 1 Nuv. IsJii, d. in l'.)()l, ilaii. of Lewia and 
Lydia (Iluwit;. 

vii. Lucv (poslhuinou.s), b. I'J Jan. ISIO; d. 22 .\viji. 184S. 

oS. .I.\BKZ^ Pltkrson {Elijali,'^ Reuben,^ Jonathan,'- Julin^), of Diix- 
hiiiy, burn at Duxhuiy 22 Oct. 17G13, died IS Jan. 18."),';, a{;ed 
.S8. lie nuiriied at Duxhiiry, 27 Mar. 171)8, Miainwni.E 
Wkston, l)oni 7 Sept. 1771, dii.'d 15 Jmic isr)5, aired 8;-5 yi-ar.s, 'J 
inoiith.s, dau^!:htcr of I(;!ia])i)d and Mcliitablc (While; OSuiih;). 
C'liildreii, l)urn at Diixbury: 

50. i. Jaui:/.," b. L"J Jan. 17'JU. 

ii. 1( iiAiioi) \V., b. 27 Mar. 1801; d. 10 .Aug. ISl'J. 

57. iii. i:i UAii, b. 14 Nov. 1S03. 

iv. Aiii<;aii., I). 10 July ISUii; d. aniu. 2 Apr. IStlJ. 
V. Mr.iiiTAUi.i; I'., b. V.i lub. ISIO; d. IS Fob. IS.V.); in. at I)ii.\l)ury, 
4 Dec. 1S31, Ja.\ii;.s Thuma.s. 

^^4. JuDAii* Pi:ti:uson (Elijah,^ Reiibe/t,^ Junatlian,- JvJin^), of Dux- 
bury, was born at Duxbury. lie niarrii'd lir,-t, 2t) Jan. 17'JIJ, 
S.MtAii ''I\\yl(ju; and j^econdly, at Britli!;ewaler, 12 iSi-pt. 17'.J7 
(bein^i called of Pembroke), Jane Wauukn. 

( 'liildren liy second wife, born at l)uxl)ury: 
i. Lucy \VAi:ftEN,« b. Nov. 1800; d. in 1S71; m. 20 Doc. 1820 

Samukl Dci.ANO. 
ii. An.nk, 1). 1 Juno ISOS, probal)ly tho Ann W. l\'t(M.<on who iii. at 
Diixburv, 7 Dt'O. 1831, Lewis L. Tliomad of 1 Ian-son. 

58. iii. JeoAH, b.'8 Oct. ISlO. 

Ij5. Willi im;.M()uk^ Peteuson {Elijali,* Reuben,^ Jonalhan,- John^), 
of Duxbury, born at Duxbury Pi Apr. 1781, died 19 July 1S()2, 
atred 78 years, 3 nioullis. He married at Pembroke, 25 Di'c. 
1811, Jkui'.siia Ma(;oun of Pembroke, born at Duxbury in 
Oct. 17'Jl, died at Weymouth 11) May 1803, Mgcd 71 years, 7 
months, daughter of Joshua M. and Lucy (Crocker), 
(liildren, born at Duxbury: 

i. A .so.\,« b. 17 Mar. ISIO; d. 28 Mar. ISKi. 

ii llio.Nuy, carp(Mitt'r, b. 20 Juno 1817; d. at Wcyinoutli 30 .Auj^. 18u3; 

in. at 1 )u\ljury, 21 Jan. lS4(i, Dhhuuah W. Huiou.snat, b. at l)nx- 

l)iiry 2S Juno iS2G,tl. tlaTo3.\pr. l5i.')0.d;ni. (jf Jo.slma an«l Dib.-iah 

S. (Cliandlor). Clnldroii: 1. llmrij ,L,' I), at King^lun 11 Jan. 

1817. 2. Alhina W ., b. at Diixlniry 24 Sopt. 1818. 
iii. Lt'cy Ann, b. 20 Auj;. ISIU; d. 9 July 1821. 
iv. An(;ki.ine, b. 17 Nov. 1822; d. 2'J Oct. 1801; in. at Duxbury, 

23 Nov. 1S45, W n.MAM ll()i,.\ii;s of Boston, cariunlor, who d. 

3 Doc. 1894, a^iod 70 yoar.i, 7 nionth-s, 1 day, s. of Jolm and Mar- 

H;irot (Portor) of I'oinbroko. 
V. Aiiit;AiL W., b. 19 Apr. 1825; d. 25 June 1838. 

30. Cai'T. Nehemiaii^ Peterso.n (NiJioniah* Reuben,^ JonatJian,'^ 
. Jofin^), (A Brunswick, Me., was born at Duxbury in 1705. 
lie married at lirunswick, 1 Oct. 17<.)2, Lydia Lvuuai)j;e. 

C'hiklren, boin at Brunswick, Me.: 
i. liK.\JAMiN,«b. 30 .Mar. 1703; in. Maiiy Fo.s.'i. C'luldron: 1. Lydia,^ 

b. \'i Nov. is-'ij. 2. Mciij, b. 12 Apr. 1829. 
ii. IIan.naii. b. 14 Jutv 1703. 
iii. Elisha, b. Fob. i79U. 


iv. lU:in:<(A, b. 7 Mar. ISOl. 

V. I.VDiA, 1>. 1 Nov. ISd."). 

VI. Ni-;iii;.MiAii, b. '2 Juiu' 18US. 

37. Es.MAs'' Peti:u.s()N {Nchcniidh:* liciihoi,^ ,J<i,i(it}itin,'~ J(,}in^), of 
DuNbuiy, 1h)1ii ill Duxldity 12 Dec. 1782, ilir.l F) Jaii.'lhil I. 
Ho niaiTicd at Kiiiji;st()ii, 2 July ISOo, Lydia Holmk.s, horn at 
Kiny,r<toii 21) Apr. 177*.), du'd U Aup;. '[H'A), iv^cd 77 yi'uis, 
3 months, 11 (lays, diui. of Levi and Lydia (l^iadfuid). 

Children, born at Duxbury: 
i. Lydi.v,' b. 31 DiT. ISU.J; lu. at Dux!)iiry, 27 Jan. ISiii, Wii.i.i.wi K. 

Bl..\KE (if Uii.-toi). 

4\ ' no. ii. Ku.sHA, b. 8 Sci)t. 1S07. 
GO. iii. Ks.UAS, b. 20 Juno ISO'J. 

Gl. iv. Zia'n.vM.Mi SAN(a:u Citos.sxiAN, b. 29 May 1811. 
V. MAittiA, b. 30 Sept. ISi;}; d. mini. 27 Feb. ISOl. 
vi., b. IS Nov. ISlo; d. 3 An-. ISf.S; in. at, Diixbury, 2G Nov. 
1.M3, Iter .s(>ci)nil cousin. Ciicuuta: 1'. I'l.Tuusu.x (t)7j, (/.i'. 
C2.vii. NianoMiAU, b. 10 Jan. IMS. 
G3. viii. Mautin, b. 11 Jiiiic 1820. 

i.\. Nanov, b. 7 Jinie 1S22; m. at Duxbury, IG Nov 18)3, Wh.iiam 
••' Soui.E, 2(1, b. at Duxliury 21 lAc. ISl'J, s. of .SLrphcii and Lydia 

04. X. Oti.^, b. 7 Dec. 1824. 

3S. FuKDERiCK^ Peterson {Thaddciis,'* Reuben,^ Jonathan,"- Jolm^), 
of Duxlmry, born at Duxbury 2;") Dec. 1775, tlied 1 Kcb. 1817. 
Ill' nuuiieil ]jY1>ia Amks, who died 7 Oct. ISO I, agctl 82 years, 
5 inoiiUis. 

Children, born at Duxbury: 

i. Lydia A.,"! b. 21) Ocl. ISO I; d. 7 Oct. 1887; in. Buadiokd. 

ii. I'kkdkku.'K, b. 13 Oct. ISOli; d. yoini^. 

iii. Ai.FHKU,b.2Nov. 1810; 11yd.- I'arUSl Dec. LSSO, a-cd70 year.s 

I month. 28 davs; ni. at Duxbury, 4 Jan. 18;r>, Aduianna or 
AiUADNASA.MrbO.N-, b. at Du.xbiiry 13 Jan. 181.5, d. 31 Mar. ISOl, 
a^'ed 7'J year.s, 2 months, Hi davs, dau. of Ti nv, II. and Sally 
(Weston). t:iiildren: 1. Alfm!,- d. 13 (or 18) M;.r. 1837, aj;.d 

II months, 5 days. 2. AJrinnna .b'., 1). 8 Jan. 183',); d. 10 IVb. 
1858, aged 19 years, 1 inontli, 2 days. 

iv. Sam-Y TiiUNEii, b. 19 Se|tl. 1812; d. 2 rfepL. 1837, aged 25; m. at 

Duxbury, 1 May 1831, ('iiahlks Shkuman. 
V. BAii/.ii i.A A., b. 18 Nov. 1814. 
vi. A boN, b. 18 Dec. 1823. 

30. Marshall'' Peterson (Luther,* Reuben,^ Jonathan,^ John^), of 
Duxbury, born at Duxbury 23 Mar. 1801), ihed 1 Mar. 1838. 
lie married at Duxbury, 13 May 1827, Ruth C. Sami'son, 
born at Kiufiston 21 Dec. 1800, dieil there 22 Jtme 18'J0, 
daufihter of Constant and Rebecca. 

Clhldren, born at Duxbury: 
i Maushall Ai.dkn,' shoemaker, " son" (cemetery inscrii)- 
tion), b. 15 Dec. 1827; die.l 25 Mar. 1819, ag. d 21 year.s, 3 
u. Isaac \V., b. 29 Dec. 1829. 
iii. Sak.ui Jank, b. 18 Nov. 1831; d. 27 Jan. 1881; in. Cuan- 

iv. EMtUNC T., b. 17 Mar. 1833; m. 20 Dec. 1850 Pi:i.EO Golufeu. 
V. Annl E., b. 9 Sept. 1830. 


'10. Samuel Soulk^ Pkterson (llcuhcn;^ liciibcn,^ JaiuiUuDt,^ Johu^), 
of Duxliuiy, born ;it Duxlmry 1") M;ir. 1779, dk-tl ',i Aii^. 1S:U). 
IK- iiiaiiitHl, 2'.) .Inly 1SI2, Soimiia Ai.lkn, Ijoih al, r.ani>tal)Ic 
•1 Juiu; 1784, (lh-(l 10 Nov. ISL'J. 
( 'liiUln-ii, born tit Duxbury: 
G5. i. S.v.Mi i;l Suri.i:,« h. lil Oct. ISi;^ 

li. .Siii'iiiA Anni:, 1). I'A .Mar. ISlo; <1. 1 .\ug. IS? I; in. nt Ouxliiiry, 
2'> Ucr. ISoO, Al. I.K.N I'liioK, 1). at Du.\limy 5 Oct. 1S13, a. of 
.S\lvaiiU8 ami ("liristiana (( 'liarniltr). 
iii. Jdsiiaii C, I). 13 J)c(!. ISL^O; <l. i:j ,lan. ISUO; in. hi.4 cai-iii, 
Dkuohak C/1..\i{K I'lri'Kii.-^ii.N ( l.{, iv), b. at Du:\l)ury 5 July lb_'.'>, 
dau. of l{fiil)un and Duboiali (,(.'hiik). 

•11. Tikj.mas^ 1'eteu.son (licnhen;^ Iicuhtn,^ JonaOuin,- John^), of 
I)u.\biuy, born at Duxbury 7 Apr. 178(), ilicil 1 Nov. 1S57. 
He married at Duxbmy, 1 Y)q\i. 1811, Sakaii Aldkn Sami'- 
KON, born at J^uxbury 12 Sept. 1792, died 2S An--. 1870, 
(laiii.';hb.r of John anil Hannah (Alden). 
Children, Ijorn at J)iixl)ury: 

i. 't'liOMAS," h. 7 8r()t. IS 12; d. 21 Apr. 1S55. 
Cl). ii. I(ii.\noD. Ij. Ill Oct. ISll. 

iii. IluMiY, b. l.j July ISlli; d. at Iiiv(i|i(ii)l, Imij;., by f.illini; from the 

inasliiead of tlio aliip Uinco, 22 June IS 11. 
iv. ('i..\i;k, b. 11 Nuv. 181S; d. 13 O.-t. 1S21. 
V. Wli.i.iAM, inaiiinT, b. at I)u\bui v l!i Oct,. 1S20; m. (1) at Duxlairv, 

17 Dec. ISI.S, LuM.sA C. h'A.Mi'.soN, b. at i)u.\biiry 2".J iJic iSi'J, 

dan. of \\i\-7. 11. and Sally (W ("^ton)" m. (2} II \.\.\- \ii '\\ Fouu, b. 

at Duxbury 9 July 1839, dau. of Jo.-liua II. and .Sarah W. (.Sauj|)- 


vi. Lewi.s, b. 24 Oct. 1822; d. 29 Feb. 1824. 

vii. iSviAiA, b. G Nov. 1S24. 

viii. Sai.i.v, b. Nov. 182(i; in. in IS.'jC. Si'kmku Dulw. 

jx. Mary C, b. 28 Jan. 1829; in. at Duxbmy, 19 Mar. 1818, Jamks 

CiiANDi.KW,, b. at Dux! any 8 JNlay 1824, «. of Jo.scph, 

2d, and Kliza (Chuichill). 
X. Ci.AijK, b. 19 I'Vb. 1.S31; d. 3 July I8(;i. 
xi. I.i WIS, b. \:> Feb. 1S33; d. 13 \\v^. 1834. 

'12. CiiAiti.Ks^ Pktku.son {Rciihcn.;^ h'cubat,^ Joimlhnn,'^ John^), of 
Duxbury, born at Duxbury 11 Nov. 1788, tlicd 17 Nov. 184"). 
Ho married, in 1810, Tiia.nki'UL C'lauk, born at Plymouth, 
daughter of John and Bet.stjy (Lonj;). 

Children :* 
i. Joii.N Clakk,* b. in 1811; in. (1) in 1S3.") biifv (1. Hf)i.Mi;s, dan. of 

Sith; in. (2) at llolden, 5 ^i-pt. 1839, L. Uowauu, dau. 

of Jo.sci)h of lloldtii. 
ii. l}i 'rsKY Tno.MAs, b. in 1815. 
iii. C^iiAKi.i:^ Hknuv, b in 1817; in. (1) in 1842 I.i;cY C'i.auk, d:Mj. of 

F/.ra; m. (2) in 1S()8Eli.i:n (Lei:) W'AsinifaN, d.ui. of llcnry and 

widow of Charles. 
iv. David Lnwis, of Duxbury, mariner, b. in 1819; d. at Duxbury 7 

Jan. 1891; m. in 1812 HA<iiia. T. Vai i.iu, d.ui. of Simeon. 
V. Svi,vi;.sTKi[ IIoI.^n:.'^, it in 1822; m. in 180(J Maui. da SoArrKU'JOOD, 

dau. of i>avid of Phihulelithia, Pu. 
vi. Da.\ii:i. Pouiku, b. in 1821); m. in 1S53 Jekusua M. Ci.auk, dau. 

of In-njamin. 
vii. C):ou(,i; Soii.i:, b. in 1830; in. in 1851 Emzaultu Faunce, dau. of 

4 ha<ldcu.~). 

• Ci. Duvib'a Ancient Laudmarka of Plymouth. 


viii. IcuAiioi) H., 1). in 18315; m. in ISO.') IlKNuiirnA C. Austin, ilau. of 

J:iiiic'S ui IlonoluKi, Uiiwaiiuii l.^laiuld. 
ix. Sauau, 1). in l6'Xi; in. Davu) 11. liAUtrocK. 
X. Lauka Ci.auk, I), in lS3u. 

43. Rkuben'' Peterson {licuhcu,* licubcn,'^ Jonathan,^ John^), of 

Duxbury, l.oni iit l~)uxhmy 1 M;ir. 1701, died 7 Apr. 18.SL 
He murried, Jibout 1S17, Okhou.mi C'l.viuv, l)oiu 30 AI:iy 17'J.>, 
d'wd 1 May 181)0, dau.-^htor of .Scth uiui Eunice (Llli.s). 
Chiklrcn, bora at Duxhuiy: 

i. AiiiOAiL SouLK,* 1). 21 Aug. 1.S18; in. at Diixbury, 30 Deo. IS Jo, 
lliUAM W. CiiAXDi.KU, 1). ut Duxliiuy 31 \hc. 1817, a. uf S;iniiK-l. 

ii. Sktu Claiik, of ])u\l)ury, Hliij) joiner, I). 3 Sept. IS'JO; d. 20 Nov. 
1880; ni. ut Scitualo, IG Juni' isll, ('ATni.m.Ni-: Ki.mhai.i. Heai,, 
b. ut Srituiiti' 11 Apr. 1S23, dan. of Jolni antl Jano T. (Oti.s). 

iii. Soi'iiiA A., b. 25 Si'pt. 1822; ni. ut Dnxliury, 2'.i Oct. 1813, Aitcui- 
BALD C. RiuKK, carixMUiT, b. at Duxbury 25 Fib. 1S18. 

iv. Dkuokah Clakk, b. 5 July 1825; m. her liitit cou.sin, .Iusiau C. 

PKTKltSUN (10, iii), (].V. 

V. Rkuuen, b. 31 Jan. 1828; d. at Duxbnry 20 Mar. 1001; ni. Julia 
Beal. Child: 1. Reuben,'' ni. Ju.-<(>phinu Davis. 

vi. Ellis, b. 2 iiv\)t. 1830; d. 9 A[)r. 1004; ni. Auhy Wiii;i;Lrat. 

vii. SiDNKY, b. 20 iMur. 183 1; ni. (1) Sai£aii I'akkku, 1>. at Auuu.sta, Miv, 
12 Apr. 1S3G, d. 2 Jan. 1880; ni. (2) Cauolink Foud, 28 Oct. 1801. 
He died 8 xMar. 1013. 

44. Cl.\rk* Peterson {Reuben* Reuben,^ Jonathan,^ John^), of 

Duxbuiy, bom at Duxbury 4 Oct. 1703, dieil 2 Jan. 18G7. 
He married first Lydia CIlauk, who died 27 July 1833 (or 
1834), in her 35tli year, tlau^htor of Sclli and I'^unice (KUi.s); 
and secondly, at Duxbury, Dec. 1835, Eliza Kent, born 
11 Feb. 1799, died 13 July 1888. 

Children by first wife, born at Duxbury: 

i. Samuel Clakk,'' b. 10 July 1822; d. 28 Oct. 1822. 

ii. Lydia Claiik, b. 8 Nov. 1821; in. GKonaii Benson. 

iii. Clauk, b. 4 Mar. 1820; d. 20 July 1820. 

iv. A SON, b. and d. 17 Aug. 1828. 

V. A SON, b. and d. 25 Aug. 1831. 

Children, by second wife, born at Duxbury: 

vi. Abigail M., b. 21 .\pr. 1837; m. IIauuison Chandleu. 
vii. lOi.iZA Jane, b. 22 Mar. 1839; d. 20 Aug. 1839. 
viii. Henuy, b. 7 Oct. 1842. 

45. Joshua^ Peterson (Joshua* Reuben,^ Jonathan,^ John^) was 

born at Duxbuiy 18 Aup;. 1780. He married at Kingston, 
19 Mar. 1812, being then of Duxbury, Je.mima Adams of 
Kingston, born at Kingston 20 Mar. 1788, daughter of Francis 
and Mercy (Adams). 

i. Fkancis A.,« b. at Duxbury 13 Sept. 1813. 

4G. Cai'T. James* Peterson (Joshwi* Reuben,^ Jonathan,'^ John^), 
born at Duxbury 2 Sept. 1792 [sic, ? 1791], died 22 Jan. 182.'), 
aged 33 years, 4 months, 20 days. He married at Duxliury, 
9 June 1822, M.\tilda W. (;iiandlek, born at Duxbuiy 22 
Dec. 1798, died at Weymouth 4 Dec. 1884, daughter of 
Thomas and Matilda (Wadsworth). 



i. Jdiiv Jami:s,« h. at Duxbury I Nov. lS2.i; cl. S May lh'J5, agoJ 

]S inontlis, 8 days, 
ii. John J., u sulJior of thu Civil \\';ir. 

47. CKOiuii:^ Peterson {J()i<hu(i,* Riuhcn,^ Jonathnn,'^ Johri^), l)oni 

at Duxbury iu Nov. 1700, clicil t Jan. 1827, tv^vd ','>() yoars, 
2 luunth.^, 1 (lay. lie. iiianied at Duxbury, 22 June 182.), his 
lir^l cousin, Dehouah Hall I'etkhson (28, iii), r/.y., born 
4 Mar. 1803, daughter of William and Deborah (Ibill). She 
married secondly, at Duxbuiy, 11 Feb. 182'J, .lames Randall. 
C'liiidii-n, born at Duxl)ury: 
{17. i. Gkoiwe P.,« h. 13 .\pr. 1S21. 
ii. A SON-, b. 13 Oct. ISL'y. 

48. Sa.muel^ Peteuson {Samuel,^ licuhi/i,^ Jonnlhnn,- John^), of 

IVndtroke, was born in Oel. 178.'J. He married, 2:5 .Ian. 1821, 
Kl'tii Holmes Slll•;u.^L\^', who was born iu Aug. 1781. 

i. .Samuim.,M). in 1S21; d. uiim. 1.5 Fob. 1805. 

ii. C.M.viN, of Duxbury, boxiii;ik(>r, 1>. at J)uxbury IG Oct. IS2fl; n\. 
at Ouxbury, 2() Oct. 1817, iMakiv L. Witmkki.i.i,, 1). at l\ iiil)roke 
2 July 1S23, dau.of Joaliua 11. and Sarah (SuutluTJ ot Pembroke. 

49. Setii'' Peterson {Samuel;^ Rvubc/t,^ Jonathan,'- Jolm^), of Marsh- 

field, born 21 Apr. 1788, died 20 .Jmie 18()t). He married, 
21 Aug. 1821, Lydlv Curtis, born at Pembroke 5 Sipl. 17'J1, 
died 28 June 1800. They are buried in the Winslow Ceme- 
tery, Marshfield. 

i. Seth TunNKit,' b. in 1822; lost in a tvplionn in thu Patilic Ocean 

abt. 181.'). 
ii. A^^l^at.v^, b. 7 Oct. 1S23; loht at {-('a witli hi.s br(j(lier Si.tli Turner, 
iii. AiMLVA, b. 7 Oct. 1.S25; <1. 20 July 182'J. 
CS. iv. CnAin.i:;.s Si-UACia;, b. I'J Sept. 1827. 

V. Danh:!, Cowinu, b. 31 Oct. 1820; .scttKil in the Klundil:e, at u place 

called Peterc>on'& Ciulcli; killed in a landslide in 11)02. 
vi. Mahtha (twin), b. I'J June 1832; ni. Sna'ne.N 
vii. Maiiy (twin), b. Ii) June 1832; ju. iMo.SKS Sni:K.MAN. 
viii. LvoiA A.NN, b. 28 Pib. 1.S3.J; ni. Tikjmison. 
ix. W ii.i.iam Cuutis, b IS Dec. 1837; in. (1) Oahuik W'lmon; ni. (2) 

Joiii Man.ninu. Child by Bccoud wife: 1. Silh.'' 

50. Stephen^ Peterson (Thomas Whillcrnorc* Reuben,^ Jonathan,- 

Joh/i^), of Duxburj', born at Duxbury 7 Mar. l.M)."), died 

12 Jan. 1888. He married first Sarah , who died 27 

June 1838; and secondly, at Duxltur}-, .')() Apr. 1810, .\ciisaii 

Children by first wife, born at Duxbury: 

i. Jon.N T.,« b. G May 1828. 

ii. SriaMn;.M F., b. 20 Apr. IS.30; in. 25 Sept. 1S51 Hakeh, 
b. at Duxbury G Sept. 1833, ilau. of (Jeorge and Hannah (Chan- 

iii. Li:\vis, b. 27 Dec. 1832. 

iv. A >o.\, b. 11 Mar. 18:i5. 

V. Sahau H., b. 11 Dee. 1S37; in. G Sept. 1803 Gkorok L. Baker, b. 
at Duxbury 24 Nov. 1825, a. of George and Hannah (Chandler). 


51. Ihiions^ Pktf.uson {William,* Rcuhv/i,^ Junalhan,- JoIlh^), of 

l^uxbiuy, carpenter, born at Duxhury 18 Sept. 1S()7, ilicd 
2 Sept. 187U. He niarricil at Duxlniry, 1 Jan. ISi^O, lii:Tt;KY 
A. Bi{.\i)FouD, born at Duxbury 17 Fob. ISOC), died 20 Sept. 
1S92, daiiKliter of Isaiaii aixl I'Mi/abclh (Dingley). 

Cliildren, born at Duxbury: 
i. AutaisTiis liiiUii;s,« 1>. 19 Aug. 1830; d. 7 Apr. 1S5G. 
ii. A SON. b. 11 Dec. 1831. 

iii. D.-^Nna. A., h. 21 Doc. 18.S2; d. 7 Aul'. 183(). 
iv. GiunaiT M., b. 12 l-Vb. 1835; d. 10 .Mav 1877; m. in 18t'0 Nancy 

D. CiiANDi.iai, b. at Duxbury 8 Mar. 1811, d. 21 Scj)!. 18lJl, daa. 

of Nulliauiel L. and Sally W . 

V. Wll.l lAM liK.\l)l-OUU, 1). 2.^) Aufi. 183(). 

vi. AVai.tkk Scott, b. 5 ,Iunc 1839; d. unin. 5 June 1S90. 

vii. Ki.i.KN Mauia, b. 9 Aui;. 1810; d. 9 Nov. 18.'-)8. 

viii. Betsky An.n, b. 2 Oct. 1812; d. 15 May 1800. 

i\. Jamls Hall, b. 8 Jan. 1815; ui. in 1S()5 Juaia-iiiNK Cha.ndleh. 

X. JuLUS, b. 3 Ajtr. 18-19; d. 4 Aug. 1819. 

52. Daniel* Pkteuson (Danid,^ Josci)h* Joseph,^ Josc])h,~ Jvhn^), 

of Duxbury, \vas born at Duxbury 7 Sept. 180o. lie married 

PiiEiiE (probal)ly Mooue). 

Children, born at Duxbury: 
i. Ellls,'' b. 25 Aug. 1825; m. (1) in 1853 Maktua Tahkeu; m. (2) 

Julia . 

ii. Joi[N, b. 30 Jan. 1827. 

iii. Sahaii, b. 24 May 1829. 

iv. Hannah, b. 17 Jan. 1832; d. 23 Apr. ISSl; m. Bates. 

53. GEOiuiB W.^ Peterson {Daniel,^ Joseph,^ Joaeph,^ Joseph,^ 

Juhn^), of Duxbury and South Boston, carpenter, born at 
Duxbury 11 Feb. 1812, died 14 Dec. 1802. lie married at 
Duxbury, 23 Dec. 1810, II.^nn.vii Haywaud Puioa, born at 
Duxbury 22 Mar. 1811, died 1 Nov. 1880, daughter of Syl- 
vanu.s and Cliristiana (Chandler). 

i. CicoiiCK II.,' b. in 1844; d. 8 May 1911. 
ii. FiiANK Lloyd, b. at Duxbury; d. 1 Sept. 1848, agi;d 2 years, 2 

iii. Elle.n W. (twin), b. at Duxbury 25 Sept. 1819. 
iv. FiacuDiE (twin), d. 13 Nov. 1850, a^-cd 14 montha. 
V. Ili:uiiERT, b. at Duxbury 16 Dec. 1852. 

54. Sylvanus* Peterson {Jonathan,'" Sijlvanus* John,' Jonathan,'^ 

Juhn^), of Colrain, born 10 Mar. 1788, died 22 Aui^;. 18t)7. 
lie married, 20 Dec. 1808, Levin a Call, born 20 Mar. 1780, 
di(!d 9 Dec. 1857. 

Children, born at Colrain (record from family Bible): 
i. Fannie,' b. 19 Sept. 1809; d. 12 Sept. 1810. 
ii. Nll-son, b. 1(3 May 1811; d. 25 July 1870; ni. MArtY Holland. 
iii. Mauy, b. 27 June 1813; d. 3 Jan. 1883; ni. Amasa reuuiNOTON. 
iv. Olive, b. 2 Nov. 1815; d. 17 Feb. 1897; in. Joshca Davem-out. 

V. CiiAULon-E, b. 18 July 1817; il. 10 May 1848; lu. DECKi.K. 

vi. C^YNTUIA, b. 17 Nov. 1819; d. 12 .Nuv. 1889; in. Oi-iVLu Holland. 
vii. Harlow, b. 2 Oct. 1821; d. 18 July 1840. 

viii. UuoDA, b. 19 Oct. 1823; d. 28 July 1845; m. Jesse Purhinoton. 
ix. LoiB, b. 7 Nov. 1825; d. 14 May 1905; m. Allen. 


X. Jo.v.vTHAN, I). S Doc. 1S2S; d. in July 10! 1; in. 3 Julv l'^■)l Ciii.oB 
Stuatton, I.. 2.i Oft. IS.JO, (1. '2') IVh. 1S02. H.- ri'.,'.i .-it C^ol- 
niiii until is,")!), whin he niiiDVcil 1(1 llciitli. ( 'liildicn: I. Loitan- 
Ihi,* b. 11 May IS".-'; d. unni. 2 Miiy 1S7S. 2. Iniiua, \,. f) June 
IS.'."); d. unni. S Apr. 1S71. 3. luim, h. 10 Oct. 1.S.'.7; d. 20 July 
IS'.U); Ml. Cornelia A. Kovnolds. 1. ATthnr. h. 22 Mar. lS(;iJ; d. 
y I'Vb. I'JOS. 5. Ahtoimnc, h. 21 J.m. 1SC.2; d. 5 Mar. 111(12; rii. 
John Shumway. tl. I'lnitk, h. 27 Nov. lS(i!. 7. Jo.tiJtiit,, \>. 
31 Oct. ].S()7;"in. (1) Francis (.Vmk; m. (2j riiailis Miller, b. 
John, h. 22 May 1S7U 

xi. John', I). 15 July; d. in Jan. lOOd; in. A.n'iio.\i:i lu Diim-iju. 

xii. CJkouck, b. 30 Oct. 1S;M; m M\iiv ll\i.r,. 

xiii. J.v.NK, 1). 18 July ISoii; d. 2U June I'.KJG; ui. IOmi.kv II.mciu.s. 

xiv. A CUH.D, d. in inlanuy. 

55. Cai't. Lewis'"' Peterson (CI cor ye, '^ Jonathan,'^ JotutllKui,^ Jnna- 
thanr John}), of l)ii.\l)urv, lioiu at L)ux!»iiiv 11 Apr. ISDI, 
died 21 Jan. mv.i. He iiiarnca, 13 Dec. 1S20. Juli.v Ann T. 
]^in:\vaTr.u of Duxburv, l)i»ni at Duxbiuy 2S Auii. ISIl, died 
2 Sept. 18G4, dauiihler of C'apt. Daniel \V. and Polly (Hall). 

Cliildieii, born at l^uxhur}-: 
i. CIkokui: O./ b. 9 Jun- 1831; d. urun. 20 Sept. 1811 1. 
ii. Jui.i\ L., b. 4 May 1S31. 

ill. Ann L., b. 12 May 1830; d. 8 Nov. 1885; ni. Bi;u(a;.srt. 

iv. D.vN'iia, li., b. 11 July 1838; <1. \nun. 7 Apr. 1870. 

V. IiU<v Knwi.N, b. 11 Nov. 18 U); in. W.vnswouin, b. at 

l)u.\bury 1 July 18;)7, 9. of .Miira and Olive (\\'ad.-i\voi lli). 
vi. I.Kwis, b. 14 Mar. 1M4; d. 22 June 1885. 
vii. \Vii,i.i.\M P. (twin), b. 20 IX-c. 1810. 
viii. M,\uv II. (twin), b. 20 Dec. 1810; m. 27 Ai)r. 1807 Wu.i.i.vm \V.\ns- 

ix. A., b. 20 Sept. 1819; d. 1 Mar. 1851. 
X. Alh.l-.^ta E. (or Lily A.), b. 27 Sept. 1852; d. 12 July 1851.* 

50. J.\i!Kz'^ Plteuson {Jahcz,'-' Klijah;^ licuhcn,^ Joiialluut.'- Juhn^), 
of Duxhury, Kin^.ston, and Al/niu;ton, born at. Diixbury 
21) Jan. 171)1), died 5 Nov. 181)3. He married, at Abin<r,ton, 
17 Mar. 1825, AIauv Puiitku Tikui;ol, born at Ablution 1 Apr. 
ISOG, tlied at Abin^lon 1-i Jan. IS 11, a<:;ed 35, (l;in;^liler of 
Nathaniel and Sarah (lieals); secondly (inliMition recorded at 
Abin<i;lon, 9 May ISll) Hi;;v t^Hi-NNi-'O 1*o*h-h, '""'ii J^t. 
Abin;;ton 21 Mar. 18()(), died 17 Dec. 1818, dan,-;hler of Joseph 
aiul Lucy (Whitin'^) and widow of CJranviiU; ('luirch Poole 
(born at Ai»in-;ton 17 June 1802, died 28 Oct. 1838, son of 
David and Abij^lail (S(udley)), to whom she was mairied at 
AbinjiJon, 15 Apr. 1822; and thirdly, 5 Nov. 1811), PnoEUE 
SiiiUTi,i:iT, born 21 Dec. 1821, died 1 Nov. 11)03. His lar^'e 
family is not fully recorded, but tin' appeii<h'd li.-l uf children 
nui.-.t 1)0 nearly- comph^tc. It was compiled from the Dux- 
bury and Abin<z,ton re(;ords and from private sources. 

C'hiKlren by first wife: 
i. M.un- A.,^ b. ut Duxbury 3 Dee. 1825; d. 10 Dec. Kill; ni. at 
Abington, 10 Au^. 1847, Josuii.^ D. 15.\ii.;:v, tilioi'inaUor, b. abt. 
1825, 3. of Ik-njaniiii and Uacliel. 

• In the town rcpDr.l of licr Oirih tl»id cliild is <iill«-(l .VuRUdta E., but in iho town 
record (if licT (li ;itli .-.lie is cail.d Lillie A. lu thu record of her birth found iu her 
fiilhci'd iiihlc £>ho ij called Lily A. 


ii. IciiARon W., I), lit Duxhury 1 Mar. ISJS; d. 17 Apr. 1872; m. "J 

June 1850 MAinii.\ CJi;(Mtut; Wkstun, h. at Duxljiiry 17 Apr. 

18;VJ, (1. 14 Sept. 1858, dan. of Clcortic ami Abigail (C'liaiulliT). 
iii. M.\inii\ 1)., b. at Diixl.ury 3 Nov. 1830; d. 1 Oct. 1S51; iii. 30 

Mar. 1851 Jo.shik II. lOvinisoN. 
iv. An.nk J., b. at Duxbiiry 31 Jan. 1833; d. 2 Dec. 1898; m. Nathan 

V. lyUciiiH C, rcriKivt'd to Culifurnia uiul d. a younj^ man. 
vi. Jaiikz I'oKTKU, b. at Abiiif^toii 12 Feb, 1838; ni. 3 Jan. 1801 .Sauau 

li. Si'iiAUUi:. 
' vii. Meuitablk Weston, b. at Abington 19 Dec. 18-10. 

;, Chilclicn by sccuiul wife, bom at Duxbuiy: 

viii. IOliza E., b. 3 May 1812. 

ix. CiiAULts A., b. 17 Apr. 1817; d. 11 Nov. 18D8; m. 2 Fob. 1S71 
IlENiaETrA Hunt. 

ChiUlrcn by third wife: 

X. GKOiKiK F., of Duxbury, fanner, b. at Duxbury 13 l\b. 18.51; in. at 
Du.xbury, 10 Oct. 187(5, Kiizaheth Chki.stif, of Mar.HhCiLld, b. ut 
Froderictoii, N. 11., abt. 1853, tlaii. of .Mcxandcr and Margaret. 

xi. L., b. ill Dec. 1855; d. in July 185(). 

xii. Ei.i.en M., b. 29 May 1857; in. 2(5 ISIar. 1879 CiEOUct: II. Thomas, 

xiii. Lucius A., b. 10 Oct. 1S58; m. 27 Nov. 1887 Elizauetu i'. t^oui.E. 

57. Elijah^ Peterson {Jabcz,^ Elijah* Reuben,^ Jonathan,^ Juha^), 

of Duxbury, born at Duxbury 11 Nov. 180:^, ditd I July 1871. 
He uuinied first, at Duxbury, in 182G, ,S.\u.\h M. Sim.mons, 

who died lU Nov. 1855; and secondly Mary D. , who 

<■ died 29 June 1877. 

Cliikhen by first wife, born at l')ux}nn-y: 
i. Sakah M.,' b. 23 Mar. 1827; ni. 10 Sci)t. 1850 Wiluam S. Estes. 
ii. Mauy E., b. 25 Oct. 1828; d. 30 July 1830. 
iii. Mauy E., b. 1 July 1830; d. mini. 14 Mar. 1809. 
iv. Peneloi'E C, b. 14 bept. 1832; m. Gustavus Lane. 
V. EuDOiiA, b. 24 Juuu 1835; m. Peteu Williamson. 

Children by second wife, born at Duxbury: 

vi. WiLBDU F., b. 4 May 1859. 
vii. Everett E., b. 20 Ai)r. 1802. 
viii. Delia S., b. 19 Dec. 1800. 

58. JuDAii^ Peterson {Judah,^ Elijah,* Reuben,'^ Jonathan,^ John^), 

of Duxbury, farmer, born ut Duxbury 8 Oct. 1810, ilicd 
5 Apr. 1859. lie married at Duxbury, 25 Nov. 1831, Betsey 
Weston, born at Duxbury 2 Sept. 1811, died 7 June 1887. 
ChiUlren, born at Duxi)ury: 

i. Maky Jane,' b. 10 Sept. 1837. 
ii. Simeon W., b. 24 Oct. 1843. 

59. Elisiia' Peterson (Esaias,^ Nchcmiah* Reuben,^ Jonalhan,^ 

Johti^), of Duxbui-y, was born at Duxbui^ 8 Sci)t. 1807. Ik- 
married at Duxbury, 8 Oct. 1837, Ann CIlovlu of AlarshGcld, 
who was born 13 Sept. 1819. 
ChiUlren, born at Duxbury: 

i. Lauua a.,' b. 9 Dec. 1837. 

ii. LuELLA, b. 10 May 1840; d. 1 Mar. 1842; bur. at Marehfield. 

iii. Alonzo F., b. 12 Mar. 1844. 

iv. IsAUELLA Mahia, b. 3 Feb. 1849; d. 3 Oct. 1850; bur. ut MarbLGeld. 

V. Lucy, b. 17 Dec. 1852. 

vi. Elisua, b. 20 Oct. 1857. 


I i 


GO. KsAiAs^ Peterson {Esaias,^ NLlainiah* limbtii,^ Jtmathan,^ 
Joh)i^), sliocmakcr, was Ijorn at Duxhury 20 June 1S09. lie 
married fir^t, at lungslon, 19 Oct. 181)7, l)eiug tailed of Du\- 
Iniry, KuTii Taylou of l\Iar<lifield, who died at Abiiiti,ton 
20 "Sciit. 1842, aged 32, and Ls l)urird at Marslilield; and 
sceonilly, at Duxbury, 13 July ISl"), Mary CiI.ovku of .Mar.-li- 
(ield, l)()in about ISlf), daughlcr of Ji>lin and Mary, 
(."liildrcn by lir^t wife: 

i. lluKAi'K,' 1). at Duxljuiy 15 July isi^l); d. 18 May 1810, hum d lU 

iiiuiitliH, 2 djiys; l)ur. at Mar.shiu'l.l. 
ii. IvAV, b. ut Aljiiigtou in Apr. 1S12; d. 8 Oct. 1812, aged G uiuullia, 

4 days; bur. ut Mar.ihfu.ld. 

Ciiildren by second wife: 

iii. 1Ii;nky R.vy, b. 15 June ISIG; d. Iti May l'.K)7, 

iv. .\.M;iii.\\ HoK.u'E, b. 22 May IS18; d. 3 Jiiiic l'J07. 

\. .Mi:i.vii\ Iv-^.viA.s, b. 1 May Isi'M 

vi. IliaiMAN JoNKS, b. 18 June 1852; d. 'J tjct. 11*12. 

vii. Ai.UKUT Utks, \). 2 l'\'b. 1851. 

CI. Zi;rnANiAH Sanger Grossman® Peterson {Emias,^ Nchcmiah* 
licuhcii,^ Joiiiithan,- John^), of Duxbiuy, wa.s born at Duxbury 
29 May 1811. lie niarriotl, in Jan. 1814, Harriet Tavhjr. 

C'liiUlreii, born at Duxbury: 
i. I'.DWiN P.,' b. 7 Dec. ISM; d. 12 Oct. 1847; bur. ut Mar.sliiicld. 
li. lli.MiV O., b. 31 Mar. 181G; d. 12 Jan. 1817; bur. at Maralifitld. 
lii. \Vai.ti;u, b. 21 Feb. IS IS. 
iv. (!eoiu.i:, b. 3 Ai)r. 1850. 
V. Zi:rnAi\iAH, b. 15 Juno 1851. 
vi. Hauiukt, b. 8 Nov. 1853. 
vii. MniA, b. 28 Oct. 1855. 
viii. Sankuud, b. 21 June 1858. 

G2. Nkhemiau*^ Peterson {Emicis,^ Nchcniinh* RcuUn,^ Jonalhan^^ 
Jolin^), of Duxbury, shoemaker, was born at Duxbiny 10 Jan. 
1818. lie married at Duxbury, 1 Mar. 1815, Laurki.ia 
Wi.N.soR, born at Duxbury 7 June 1825, daughter of Zenas 
and Lucinda. 

Children, born at Duxbaiy: 

i. O.^cAU K.,' b. 7 Jan. ISKi. 
ii. ('i.AUiv K.. b. 20 Oct. 1S50. 
iii. Lu.NKST C, b. 28 Jan. 1857. 

63. Martin*^ Peterson (Esaias/'' Nchoniah* Rctihcn,^ Jonathan,^ 
Jultn^), of Duxbury, was born at Duxbury 11 .lunc 1820. Ib^ 
married at Duxbury, 2 Jan. 1848, Adeline A. C'nii.ns, 
daughter of Daniel II. and Maiy. 
C hildren, born at Duxbury: 

i. Mahy L.,' b. 1 Mar. 1819; d. 4 Mar. 1880. 

ii. C.KomiK M., b. 14 Mar. 1851. 

iii. Kuc.AK 1)., b. 25 July 1853. 

iv. Wkntwouth, b. 20 Dec. 1855. 

V. KuKDKUicK, b. 15 Nov. 18(>0; d. 2 Mur. 1880. 

vi. Lawkunck, b. 24 June 18(14. 

vii. CnAin.i:a II., b. 31 July 1SC8. 

04. Otis" Peterson (Eaaiufi,^ Nchciniah* Reuben,^ Jonathan,- John^), 
of Duxbury, shoemaker, born at Duxbury 7 Dec. 1824, died 


27 Apr. 1898. He iniirried :it l)u.\l>ury, 9 Oct. 1818, Va.izx 
Ann WiNsoit, born at Duxluiiy 15 Mar. 1828, died 27 Nov. 
1893, daughter of Aldcn and I'Jli/.a (Perkiius). 
Cliildron, born at Duxbiuy: 

i. WiLMAM Otis,' 1). (» Miiy 1S19. , 

ii. IsAitKi.i.A M., h. C Oct. 185U. 
iii. LvDiA II. 

65. S-\MUEL SoDLK*^ Pktkr.son (Samuci Soidc,'' Reuben,^ Rcidivit,* 
Junatfuin,- Jolin^), of Duxbury, carpi-ntcr, Itoin at Diixlniry 
21 Oct. 181;], died -i Jan. 1871). Hi; niarrii'd at l)uxbiii>', 
30 Nov. 1837, Sak.mi C. Holmks, l)orn at Duxbury 1 July 
1817, died 4 Dec. 18(19, daughter of Levi and Anna (Oldham). 
Chilih'en, burn at Duxbury: 

i. Lauua,' b. 11 Jan. 1S39; d. 31 Auj;. 1842. 

ii. Julia, b. 12 Oct. IStO; lu. WAi/nai Tiiumi-son. 

iii. OsCAU (twill), b. lU June 1813; cl. 2'J Aui;. IS 13. 

iv. Wai.teu (twin), b. 10 June 1813; d. at Port iiu<l.son, La., 3 Aug. 

18()3, a incnnber of Co. I, -Uh Masa. Vulunlcuid. 
V. Sauau Allyn, b. 22 May 1858. 

CO. IciL^BOD^ Peterson {Thomas,^ Reuben;^ Rculien,^ Jonathan,'^ 
Jofin^), of L")ux])iiry, rigjj;er, was l)orn at Duxl)iny 19 Oct. 1814. 
lie married at Duxbury, 25 Dec. 1812, Joski-hinI': SAMrsor^, 
born at Duxbury 3 Apr. 1817, daughter of Perez II. and Sally 

i. Waldo,^ b. at Duxbury 10 Mar. 1841. 

67. George P.^ Peterson {Gcurgc,^ Joshua* Reuben,^ Jonathan,^ 

Joliii^), of Duxbury, born at Duxbury 13 .\i)r. 1821, dieil at 
Taunton 13 Apr. 1900. He married first, at Duxbury, 2o 
Nov. 1843, his second cousin, Adkline Peteu.sun (37, vi), 
born at Duxbury 18 Nov. 1815, died 3 Aug. 1858, daughter 
of Esaias and Lyilia (Holmes); ami seconiUy, 21 Aug. 18G1, 
Mary A. (Juay, Ijorn in 1825, died at Duxbury 20 June 1901, 
aged 68 [s^ic] years, G months. 

Children by first wife, born at Duxbury: 

i. JuuA,' b. 23 May 1817; d. 23 Jan. 18(19. 

ii. Adki.inI'; I'., b. 8 .\i)r. 1850; ni. 17 Oot. 1807 JouNf II. Havkhstock, 

b. at Worcodter in Mar. 1815. 
iii. Emma, b. 20 Feb. 1853; ui. at Duxbury, 18 \ng. 1872, Geouiu: F. 

PETicn-scv of Duxbury, ylioeniaivcr, i)robal>ly her .second cousin 

once removed, b. at Duxbury 11 Deo. 1852, b. of George W. 

(probably 27, xi) and llaiuiah Ii. 
iv. Geouui:; G., b. 20 Feb. 1850. 

Children by second wife, born at Duxbury: 

V. Fan.niic E., b. 11 Apr. 1805; d. 24 ijept. 1805. 
vi. pAiiKiiu, b. IS Jan. 1807. 

68. Charles Sprague® Peter.son (Sdh,^ Samuel* Rrnhcn,* Jona- 

ihan,"^ Juhn^), of Marshfield, and previously of Plymouth and 
Boston, was born 19 Sept. 1827. He married, 5 July 1852, 
Eleanor H. Colling wood. 


i. CiJAiti.K.s UoDEuT,' 1). T) Sept. ISf).?; m. 2r).Tiily 1SS5 Lr/ziK Pi:hkinh. 
ii. LvDiA Ci;ims, b. G I'cb. 185G; lu. 2 Oct. IDOO Mc- 

ADDENDUM 2033674 

Asaph Torrey Pkterson, of AlMii<i;ton, shoeniakor, horn in the 
V.-A^t Parish of JiiidjicwatiT 22 Mar. 177!), dind at^loii 12 Jan. 
\Si\.\, ac;«'d S4. lie luarritnl tit Altiiigton, 4 Aug. 180;},* Ix'iiig then 
called of Bridgevvater, Betsey Bates, who died hel'ore her 
lie may have belonged to the Peterson family of Duxhury, hut his 
place in that family has not heen determined. The printed Vital 
Pecords of Ai)inglon funii-ii the information ahont his childii-n 
wiiieh is giwn below, lie was pniiajis .son of hiiijah 1,2UJ. 
Chihii'en, reeoi'deil at Ahington: 
i. Hic.NJAMiN, h. 11 July ISUt; d. 15 Apr. 1825. 
ii. Sai.i.y, tl. 10 Nov. l.sUO.t HKi^'il ^ weclcH, 2 duys.t 
iii. .VsAi'ii, I). It .\pr. ISOS; Ijiir. at Ihui.snn; m. (1) iit Abiiipton, 1 Sept. 
1S31, iMHinrAiiiK Hu.nt Novks, wlio d. 17 Juno ISll, iii;;fd 32 

. i: »l. . 1 r 1 /o\ 1 w :. i i i. a i . i i. i.. i- 

by second wife, recorded at Abin^Lua: 5. James liatcs, b. 14 July 

iv. Fkankmn (twin), b. 12 Mar. ISll; in. at Abington, 10 Jan. 1S33, 
AL^miA Stktson of Pi,'iMljr<;kc. Children, rccordrd at Al)in(i- 
ton: 1. Almiru Stctxun, b. 25 May 1831; d. 1 Oct. 1S35. 2. 
Uatjamin FnuikUn, b. in IM.'Ul; d. 25 \\)T. 1815. 3. .•l//»aru 
Siclyoii, b. 23 Jan. 1S12. 4. Sarah lUdhain, h. Dec. 1S4U. 

V. WA.-;niN(;roN (twin), b. 12 Mar. ISll; ni. at .\biiit.'ton, 9 May 
183.3, l'].\n[,v liATi'.s of I'^ast 15rid^('\vater. Cliddri-n, ncorded at 
AhiiiKton: 1. [■'.milu liat>s,h. Ui Mar. 1834. 2. Elizahdh (cdlcd 
(rrandchild of Mrs. June Bated), b. 30 Sept. 183G; d. 25 Apr. 18 15. 
3. Kliznhilh .\mdiii, b. 4 Fel). 1818. 

vi. LuTiiiai, b. 'J IJeo. 1813, ui. at Aliin<;t<jn, 20 Oct. 1835, Wealthy 
Itowi.ANi) of Hanson. Children, recorded at Al)int^ton: 1. 
Lydia IlowUuni, I). 25 Dec. 1837 [sic]. 2. Ilarrut Augustus [sic], 
b. 4 May 1838 [sic]. 3. Eniinc JJitcs, b. 17 Apr. 1840; d. 22 Jan. 
1843. 4. W'arrai, b. 31 Mar. 1845. 5. Utriirl Aui,tin, b. 13 
Au;^. 1810. 

vii. ELumocjK. b. 1 Apr. 181 G. 

viii. KnwAKi) Hatk.s, b. 4 Sept. 181S; ni. at .^binj^ton, 14 Nov. 1830, 
-Anna E.MKuy Noyk.s. Children, recorded at Al)ington: 1. Julia 
AuTi, b. 17 Dee. 1810. 2. (nonjc Edward, b. 7 Apr. 1843. 
3. Alma Aindia, \). 22 \\tT. 18 IG. 

ix. Sally, b. 27 June 1822. 

* Town record. Three private rncorda give 13 Oct. ].s()3 as the date of thi.i m.irriaire. 
t 'J'owu record, (jruvrdluiie uiid three privule rccoida givu 18 .Nov. 1800 us the dale 
of d.uth. 

I (iiiiveatouc record. One private record nivca the age as 5 nioiilha. 

S To«ii record. One pri\ate record gives 17 May 18 IJ ua the dale of thw marriage. 

II Towii record. Three private records give thi; Miruauic us iherwio.